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  1. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Counting Jumping Strides

    I usually just have to experiment, I haven't heard of a "magic number", but for my 29" gelding, I usually put the jumps 2 1/2 people steps, while my 35" gelding likes it at 3 3/4 (it has taken a lot of practice to finally figure out what works for which horse) LOL.
  2. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Goats and Minis

    We have three minis in the same pasture with two boehr(?) goats. My 38" gelding, Bentley, absolutely loves them. He naps with them during the day and will guard and protect them if he feels they are in danger. Otherwise, the horses and goats hardly ever interact.
  3. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Teaching a mini to rein?

    I actually do in-hand barrel racing and pole bending with my guy, Devil! We run side-by-side, going through the motions. I wish I could get it on video! It sounds weird, I know, but we both really enjoy it! Because he's so small, we run the same speed, so it's really easy to keep up with...
  4. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Shaking her head????

    I have 2 upcoming 4 year olds (on May 5th, both have the same exact birth date) having the exact same issue! They have been very sensitive when putting the halter on and where the nose band goes, and when running around with the halter on, shake their head sometimes violently from side to side...
  5. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    driving with a horse wearing a slinky?

    Hello all! Bentley and I are going to be in a Lighted Christmas Parade in our town, and we are so excited to participate! He was shaved in the middle of October, so he doesn't have a really fluffy coat when it gets cold. We will be driving in the parade, if it were to get cold, I can't put a...
  6. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Our bottle baby-I couldn't be more in love

    This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! ❤️
  7. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Lost my first foal

    I'm so sorry for your loss :,(
  8. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    When Reversing : Pivot or Turn Wide?

    This may be an odd question, or one that has an obvious answer, I'm not sure. When showing in driving, when asked to reverse, should you try to pivot on your tire ( like in driving obstacle ) or should you make a wide turn, if you have the room? I'm always on the outside, since Bentley is a...
  9. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Judge accused me of drawing dorsal stripe

    Wow, I did not even know about the glitter rule!! Almost all of my show shirts I had last year had glitter on them, and the horses would get glitter ALL OVER THEM. I had to just sit there and pick off blue glitter off their bodies before each class, it was awful. I've never been called out on it...
  10. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Draft Classes?

    Your mini is gorgeous, he also looks similar to my boy where did you get your draft tack halter/ribbons/harness/cart , if you don't mind me asking? I've tried searching for the halters and I only get real draft horse halters LOL! Also, is there a specific cart that is needed in draft? I know...
  11. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Draft Classes?

    I'm sorry this topic has been so overdone, but I would like to spark another conversation on Draft Classes. I read somewhere that if you show in Draft Halter, you must show in Draft Driving. Is this true? I honestly can't find anything on the Internet pointing me in the right direction for...
  12. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Help--What is Showmanship?

    Thanks y'all! One question. What about attire? Is there any specific requirements on outfit, like a hat or anything I wouldn't usually wear in any other class? I'm getting a very nice black and white jacket with rinestones and crystals on it (but it's not too blingy ;) ) with black show pants...
  13. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Help--What is Showmanship?

    Hi! I have wanted to show Bentley in more classes at shows ( all we show together in is Country Pleasure Driving and Liberty ) and I really want to venture out of both of our comfort zones and try Showmanship! I watched it (I guess last weekend?) at Nationals and it looks like something Bentley...
  14. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Who won The Roman Chariot Race (Class 106)?

    I was so upset when it froze!!! That's probably my favorite class to watch! But Im glad i got to watch the beginning with the 4 black minis! They were great out there! I hope to do this class one day when I'm an amateur!!
  15. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    2013 AMHR Nationals Sept. 5 to 15 ♥ LIVE FEED ♥ Watch here!

    Its finally working again! And I'm glad it wasn't just mine either! I'll be waiting for the Roman Chariot class this evening, hopefully it doesn't freeze up again tonight!!!
  16. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    2013 AMHR Nationals Sept. 5 to 15 ♥ LIVE FEED ♥ Watch here!

    Last night I was watching, and the video started to glitch, so I refreshed the page, but instead of fixing it my laptop brought up "this page cant be displayed". I thought maybe it was due to a bad storm we had last night, so I went to bed. But its still not working? The link here isn't working...
  17. shalakominiatureshowhorses


    OMG minis have grown up since I last saw a picture of them! They're so cute!!!
  18. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Breaker's Home!

    That barn is gorgeous!
  19. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Video tickled my fancy

    Oh my goodness. I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. He is too cute!
  20. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    Éowyns first show!

    You two looked awesome in the ring! Glad y'all did well!!!