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    OK Color Experts....I'm stumped!!

    Smutty Buckskin all the way. It makes me sad to see him. My best mare was that color and your guy reminds me of her. outlaw
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    Reminder about the All Star Mini and Pony Show Club

    Send me more info please Lisa. Susan
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    Where was the best buy you found

    I got mine on I also have to buy in bulk and have had good service from them. outlaw
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    Your Favorite Show Harness?

    I also have a Lutke and like it. I am not much of a leather cleaner so the biothane works for me. My lutke is rolled and I have liked it so far. outlaw
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    Teeth Troubles

    One of my stallions that later became a gelding have a tooth like that. We ground it down every spring and had no problems with it at all causing sores or anything. This horse was 10 when we got him and it had been that way his whole life. Our dentist used his little dremmel tool and took it...
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    Photos of your harness(es)

    See now when I ordered my Lutke I asked for the rounded blinders and didn't get them. I love the harness but some of the stuff I asked for didn't happen. They had some excuse as to why I couldn't get the rounded blinders. Oh well. I only use it in shows anyways right. HAHAHAHA outlaw
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    Giving shots your self

    I order my shots online as it is cheeper to buy them in bulk. HAHAHA I have 20 head so it is cheeper if I give them their shots. I think I found the cheepest shots at They were great to work with and shipping was free. outlaw
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    What brand do you feed?

    I just switched over to LMF and LOVE the results. It is formulated for my area and has everything that I was having to supplement my other grain with already in it. It is also formulated for grass or alfalfa hay which I liked. I was feeding Purina until I found out that their hay was alfalfa...
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    Colts becoming stallions.

    I do eveything with my little guys. I don't imprint I am just there. I don't interfere at all unless the situation calls for it. I teach all my babies reguardless of what sex to tie, lead, stand for trimmings, get baths, and get clipped. Whistle Firefall if you need help or have a question...
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    My BOB colt playing around in the fog...

    Well thanks guys. Design is a blast and I love him to bits. His daughter looks just like dad this year so now I have a matched team!! Now I just have to find a team harness and a really cute wagon. I LOVED meeting Angie at Nationals! She is a hoot! I had always wanted a BOB baby and I am...
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    My BOB colt playing around in the fog...

    That is funny! I don't ever have to work my guy either. He naturally is just a very in shape guy. I swear he is half deer or something. He runs around the pasture then does that little deer hopping thing. HAHAHAHA He is just too cool! He is also a blast to drive and SOOOOOOOO smart...
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    My BOB colt playing around in the fog...

    That looks familiar. Except I don't have the fog HAHAHAHAHA My BOB son plays like that too. He is a hoot! It must be colder up there in Montana. HAHAHAHA outlaw
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    I have friends that break their mini's to drive that way. They drive in a halter no blinders because they want the horse to see what is following them. Here is a picture of them skijoring. Enjoy. outlaw
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    mini horse jumps

    I found a great company out of Texas I believe. I haven't ordered any yet but they are addorable!!! Here is the web site. Just click on the Miniature Jump link and there you are. They even have mini metal jump cups! They are too cute! outlaw
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    Parelli Method

    Well I can honestly say I have had the pleasure of playing with one of those "Horsezilla's" He put 3 trainers in the hospital with broken backs and legs. He is a Dressage horse and is now at the top of his game again. I traveled all summer with this woman working with her and her horse. She...
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    Nothing truly important, but this really bugs me...

    I agree with the no dress thing. I think it is really stupid. If somebody ever did get in a bad wreck how do you come out of that ok??? I went to Nationals once. I HATE wearing dresses but I did it. I would love it if they changed the rule but I won't rely on it. I won't be going back to...
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    Parelli Method

    I guess paying too much for something is all in the eye of the beholder. I have grumbled about the prices of the parelli stuff but I paid it. Everything I have is quality and has lasted for several Years and still looks new. Most of my stuff I got off Ebay or the Savvy Club Forum so I really...
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    Parelli Method

    Yep I play with my guys and parelli. I LOVE it and have learned the most from it vs any other method I have ever tried. You saw Barnum and Bailey! They are cute and boy do they have so interesting personalitys. I am playing in level 3 in the program. If you get on the savvy club site let me...
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    Breeding for a HINNY... can I pretty please get advice

    Hey Andrea, Both of my mini studs HATE the jenny's. They Jack however will bred anything. The horses are way pickier I have found. Good luck with your guy though. outlaw
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    New driving horse--Gabriel is hitched!!(Lot of Pictures)

    The white things are draw reins arn't they?? Why do you use them instead of say side reins?? Do you prefer one over the other. I use side reins but I do alot of Dressage. Just curious. Other than that all of them were great and I enjoy the pictures!!!! outlaw