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  1. roxy's_mom

    Look Up Please - A/R

    Hello! It's been quite a while since I've been on here but come back frequently to see what's happening! A friend of mine recently purchased a couple horses and would like to more info on them. I have a names and numbers for both horses. All info on both would be appreciated. Hidden Meadows...
  2. roxy's_mom

    Where are you located?? Let's get together for a drive!

    Awesome idea Mona! I'm located in Shirleysburg, PA (south central PA). I have one driver and I'm currently starting another so I can eventually have a team to drive. I would love to get together with others - I can also gather up a few friends that have minis that drive as well if we need a big...
  3. roxy's_mom

    Grosshills Velvet and Lace

    I was just looking into this mare! She just sold this weekend per her owner. I did alot of research on her as I was possibly looking to buy her so I have some info if you would like what I have. She's a Rhoten's Little Dandy daughter! She only had two registered foals according to the...
  4. roxy's_mom

    $3 Mission of Thanks; Thank you all SO much!!

    I donated today! Thanks for all you do CMHR!! Keep up the good work!! Becky M.
  5. roxy's_mom

    AMHA look up pretty please!

    Mini Wonders - I sent you PM! I just saw Boston Buckeroo for sale not real far from me, that's why I was looking for more info! Please feel free to post pictures of your Boston Buckeroo son! Thanks again for the all the info everyone! It was a great help! Becky M.
  6. roxy's_mom

    AMHA look up pretty please!

    Thanks minimomNC! Didn't realize he was also AMHR! What info I was able to get on his AMHA papers looks like owners don't match with AMHR!! That could be a mess! Out of his 47 AMHA foals, three quarters are RV or nothing updated! Thanks again! Becky M.
  7. roxy's_mom

    AMHA look up pretty please!

    Could someone do a look up for me in AMHA - only have the horse's name. All available info too please! Little Kings Boston Buckeroo - 5/24/1994 - stallion Thanks a bunch! Becky M
  8. roxy's_mom

    Green Lawn Sale Prices

    RiverRose - the RiversEdge mare (L & D Scout daughter!) did not sell - I'm thinking she brought less than $500 - she was also bred for 2014. I was there until about three quarters of the way through ( less than 100 mini horses consigned and smallest sale they've had that I'm aware of) - I...
  9. roxy's_mom

    AMHR look up

    Hey everyone! I know this is an old topic but I'm bumping this back up to see if anyone can answer my early question about AMHA. I just recently found this filly's grandsire still standing at stud and according to the ad he was a champion in both AMHA & AMHR. I know my filly's only AMHR but...
  10. roxy's_mom

    AMHA look up pretty please!

    Thanks minimomNC! I've learn to read the pedigrees pretty well from all the different look ups that everyone does. Thanks for the tips though! I recognize the horses in this girl's pedigree - I've seen alot of horses in person from the Timber Ridge farm. Nice horses even farther back in this...
  11. roxy's_mom

    AMHA look up pretty please!

    Hello. Could someone please do a AMHA look up for me. I only have the horse's registration name and both parents. Needing all available info. Horse in question: RRB Farm Noras Little Flossie Sire: Timber Ridges Velvet Detail Dam: Timber Ridges Zorros Major Babe Thanks a bunch! Becky M...
  12. roxy's_mom

    Miniature Horse World Magazine

    Just got mine today! Did you need something? Becky
  13. roxy's_mom

    Fly control - your opinions & what do you use

    I'm just wanting some thoughts and opinions on fly control. I've been using a product called Bug check by Natural Horse Vet for the last two years. My horses still seems to get those itchy spots on their bellies, the flies still bite their legs, and I don't think the fly population really...
  14. roxy's_mom

    Rangers Blaze of Glory

    I just sold a 3 yr old gelding son of Blaze's last month! He left earlier today for New Hampshire! He was a solid sorrel with a star, disconnected strip, and one sock. I believe what AMHA/AMHR has as his current owners are correct. The Carlson's are located in Western Pennsylvania ( I can...
  15. roxy's_mom

    Health E-Z Hay Feeder

    Thanks for the input everyone! I do agree with you - definately not safe for minis! I just see way to many bad things going wrong with that feeder, especially since minis (at least mine anyway!) are always getting into something. I like my horses to feed naturally with their heads down but still...
  16. roxy's_mom

    Health E-Z Hay Feeder

    I was at the PA Horse Expo this past weekend. I talked to a sales man about this hay feeder - Health E-Z Hay Feeder. It basically looks like large laundry basket with extra large holes on front and back. The sides of the holes are not sharp, very much rounded for animal protection. It's hung by...
  17. roxy's_mom

    What is the average cost of a Coggins a health paper in your area?

    As of last year, coggins was $25, health paper was $25 and farm call is $50 - grand total of $100. No discounts here for multiple horses being done. I usually take two horses to a show when funds allow so I'm usually looking at $150 for all that without shots included!
  18. roxy's_mom

    Conformation critique please! Videos added 1/15/13

    Timber buck - Thanks! That's actually just a township road (still had to watch for on coming traffic that fly down that road!) but yes I do have to use the main road as a training place alot of times! My current driving horse was taught to drive along a main road so she's used to vehicles...
  19. roxy's_mom

    Conformation critique please! Videos added 1/15/13

    I got a couple short videos this weekend when I had Jesse out. Sorry for them being a little grainy looking - camera I was using wasn't real high tech. You might have to copy and paste them into your browser to view them!
  20. roxy's_mom

    Hoof Polish, Black or Clear???

    I agree with everyone else - black on black and clear on white. Appaloosa are not supposed to have black hoof polish no matter the hoof color. A good major of my minis have white feet so I don't usually have black hoof polish. If you look at the horse in my avatar picture I sanded her feet and...