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  1. HersheyMint

    Driving Discussion 2024

    I loved reading about your show. What a great day. Congratulations to you all ❣️
  2. HersheyMint

    2024 crafter's delight - whatcha working on?

    Those are all wonderful. During the summer other things seen have priority over my crafts or then I'm just not in the mood 😆
  3. HersheyMint


    Good to hear Billy is in great health! I am sorry to hear about the bobcat and your chickens. I do wish you luck. Let us know how it goes giving the chicken medicine 🙂
  4. HersheyMint


    Happy news! You must be feeling so good. You have been consistent and it has paid off.
  5. HersheyMint

    Getting there!

    Yay❣️Congratulations. A black beauty 🥰
  6. HersheyMint

    Walking/Hiking with your minis 2024

    @MaryFlora I would welcome the company 🙂
  7. HersheyMint

    Herd bound cute duo. Any suggestions??

    Start with that, so not as stressed. A little at a time and then increase over time. You could also introduce your 3rd mini to your needy guy at this time without his bestie so close around. He might be more accepting after a while. Just a thought.
  8. HersheyMint

    Herd bound cute duo. Any suggestions??

    Hi, they are adorable! Are you ready for my suggestion? 🙂Add a little Moonlight to your herd and get a third mini to keep the one company while working with the other.🥰
  9. HersheyMint

    Mare seems to be starting a little early this year

    Congratulations!!! It looks like delivery went good for mom and foal 🥰 He is a beauty.
  10. HersheyMint

    2024 Hours Driven

    What a beautiful picture of you all 😊
  11. HersheyMint

    Driving Discussion 2024

    You got this! Make sure you take time to enjoy it. Go team Jazmine and team Phillippe!! 😊
  12. HersheyMint


    I don't think you can get much better than that! I love that you are able to use the stoner. Nice Marsha❣️
  13. HersheyMint

    Walking/Hiking with your minis 2024

    May 30th Finally, I got a walk in with Mint . I walked with the 2 neighbors so 3 miles went by fast. Each one took a turn leading Mint (they are not horse people) so they thought it was great. Mint handled the barking dogs and cars just fine😊
  14. HersheyMint

    guide horse trainer found

    I loved reading your experiences with horses. I am going with River was returning the love and affection you have shown her.
  15. HersheyMint


    I agree with Cayuse and Dapper Dan knows that and so does Billy♥️
  16. HersheyMint

    farrier question

    Yes, I have those. I also found those hard to use and I am also left handed but didn't think that was a reason. I just thought I didn't know what I was doing😆
  17. HersheyMint

    Returning to light work after foaling?

    My two cents, I have no experience with foaling but it sounds like Dixie is a very good mom and trusts you with her baby🥰
  18. HersheyMint

    Getting there!

    🤞Hoping for this weekend for you or sooner🙂
  19. HersheyMint

    HPR 2024

    Beautiful boys!
  20. HersheyMint

    Fun with the boys!

    That is wonderful :) You and your granddaughter are singing a duet!