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  1. arrelle

    Beginner's Questions

    I advise on a small, regular horse trailer - as long as you have something safe to pull it with, as others have said. If this miniature is for your children, you may find they enjoy riding and eventually want a larger pony or a small horse. Would be nice to already have the capacity to move...
  2. arrelle

    I'm curious about genetic testing

    I haven’t been breeding my minis - but I’ve bred my APHA horses for years and used to stand an AQHA stallion. LWO has always been a very important test in both breeds simply because it can hide- I know several people with phenotypically solid horses (one has solid/breeding stock APHA papers...
  3. arrelle

    Teaching an Old.. Mare.. New Tricks!

    Just an update; I’ve been able to drive her twice now and she’s just been fantastic! Now to buy a show cart and see if they make happy mouth bits in mini driving size.
  4. arrelle

    Teaching an Old.. Mare.. New Tricks!

    Just wanted to share because I’m very excited! Back in August, I bought a new mare via some FB photos. I wasn’t looking for a new horse, it was actually totally on a whim because she looks very similar to my existing AMHR gelding. She got here in mid September and I immediately took her to my...
  5. arrelle

    Question about crossing APHA mare to Miniature stud…

    I think it's very rude to celebrate backyard breeding and creating grade ponies, so I guess we'll agree to disagree.
  6. arrelle

    Question about crossing APHA mare to Miniature stud…

    🙄🙄🙄 IF the mare is APHA registered and you want the color results filed, you’ll need to test via Etalon or UC Davis as those are the only two labs they will accept. I recommend UC Davis as Etalon is not known for their accuracy. The test is literally called Lethal White Overo (LWO), or you can...
  7. arrelle

    Question about crossing APHA mare to Miniature stud…

    Why on earth would you cross those two? The resulting foal would be ineligible for registration in either breed, and unless you have some bizarre specialty you're trying to create - it reeks of backyard breeding. If you're just going for color, there are enough grade colored horses in the kill...
  8. arrelle

    I hate being that person... But.... What do you think

    Thanks! She’s a good girl with some fantastic old APHA lines; unfortunately, she has had cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) since I got her in 2016 and I retired her from breeding after her 2018 filly. Her 2017 filly is going nicely under saddle currently - this was two days after that photo...
  9. arrelle

    I hate being that person... But.... What do you think

    I'm actually going to be the voice of dissent here - with the caveat that I've bred a lot of big horses, and not minis. However, these mares look large - but not necessarily close to foaling. In my experience, udder development is meaningless. 😂 I've had experienced broodmares that bag up like...
  10. arrelle

    2021 Time to Drive!

    Hi All! New to this thread, because my driving is sporadic due to work (I did put in 20 minutes yesterday! 🎉). However, I had a quick question - my little cart at home is just a basic easy entry and I have a hell of a time getting my traces off. Is there a trick that I’m unaware of, or does it...
  11. arrelle

    Best Place to Buy a Cart

    I have an easy entry cart for the house and I got a really wonderful harness from Chimacum Tack (Shoutout to @MindySchroder for her help with that!) for Christmas so I've been enjoying that immensely. Just want something appropriate for the show ring, as I do plan to hit the rings this year as...
  12. arrelle

    Best Place to Buy a Cart

    Thank you! I'm already a member of that group; there's a bunch of carts/wagons that are pretty broken down - and then the occasional appropriate cart that is 20 years old and listed for $3K or covered in dirt and rust for $2500 -- is that normal?? 😂 There's one that was listed this weekend for...
  13. arrelle

    Best Place to Buy a Cart

    Hi All - Potentially dumb question, but I'm new to miniatures so please forgive me. I finally went to an AMHR show this weekend to check out the scene and try to figure out what type of cart that I need. It seems like I'll want to show my guy in some of the pleasure classes, and the typical...
  14. arrelle

    Our mini was attacked

    Here in North Texas we had one attacking people in 2018. A police officer even got dash cam footage of one potential attack and it was all over the news:
  15. arrelle

    Challenges at the horse show

    FANTASTIC! I'm still learning all of the different classes with minis (going to a Texas AMHR show this weekend to scope out the scene).... I mainly show the big horses and trail courses have long been one of the more exciting classes to ride. Having a comparable miniature version is awesome...
  16. arrelle

    Too Many To Drive

    You got anything about 30'' tall and pinto? 😜
  17. arrelle

    Winter weather

    Luckily, I think we made it through the worst of it without any real long term damage. I honestly don't know how people further north handle this year after year. I know several folks that have barns connected to their indoor arenas - and I guess that's how to make it work, but I'd never leave...
  18. arrelle

    Winter weather

    Checking in from Alask... Dallas, Texas. 🥶 We didn't have electricity for 36 hours. Our water was lost for about 24 hours. BUT we got a couple of cute snow photos, so... bright side? My gelding, Ranger, came from Ohio and I'm pretty sure he was thinking he had left this kind of weather for good.
  19. arrelle

    Early Holiday Wishes

    Hi All! I hope you're staying safe and warm and gearing up for the holidays, however you're celebrating them this year. With the addition of our AMHR gelding last Christmas, this is the first year he's made "the card" and I wanted to share with you all! He may be the smallest out of my herd...
  20. arrelle

    Safely sire out a stallion?

    As another aside, since this has been bothering me more than it should -- a lot of what I say on public horse forums is partially for the poster I'm replying to, and partially for the viewers who are reading but not interacting. I'm responding here not necessarily as a follow up to siring a...