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    portable round pen?

    I don’t know, but to start liberty and have her attention, I need to decrease the 60x80’ arena I have to work in. I’m thinking I will end up with a square area 40’/side, utilizing two arena walls and using step-in portable goat fencing for the other two side...that’s my current plan.
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    portable round pen?

    The mini I work with belongs to a barn with an indoor arena. I use Parelli NH methods for her ground work, and soon she will be ready to start some off-line work. The indoor is too big for the initial liberty work and I was thinking of trying a portable round pen made from fencing I could...
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    Harness recommendations

    I just started a mini, my first experience with minis, using Parelli 7 games (which is ongoing) to gain respect and leadership, then ground driving using a regular riding headstall and a french link snaffle to teach voice commands, then adding a surcingle, then started with the harness...