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    What do I need to know?

    Hmmm...that stinks about the marestatre thing! What is the Apple Care Package? I still have a lot of studying to do about it but I guess I'll look into what all Open Office does to see if I could use my office files, because I dont really want to buy extra software for the computer - software...
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    What do I need to know?

    Thanks for the comments so far, keep them coming! Most of you say that files are easily interchangeable, so what programs do you use on the Mac to open your office files on a PC? I also wondered about Anti-Virus software, never noticed before, does Norton or Macafee sell Mac versions or does...
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    fair classes needed

    I agree with what several others have said something like: 1. Jr. Stallions - Open Halter 2. Jr. Mares - Open Halter 3. Jr. Geldings - Open Halter 4. Sr. Stallions - Open Halter 5. Sr. Mares - Open Halter 6. Sr. Geldings - Open Halter 7. Amateur Halter - All Sexes/Ages 8. Youth Halter -...
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    Just some pictures from around the farm

    Great storyline and pictures! Thanks for sharing.
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    What do I need to know?

    Well basically just what the subject says.. But specifically heres the scenerio. I'm considering a Mac/Apple (whichever ya wanna call it) Laptop so that I don't have to haul my big PC around. I'm use to windows and such of course but I have several reasons to consider a Mac and really at this...
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    Appy Twins! :)

    OMG! They are just TOO adorable!! I'm not a huge appy fan, but WOW! look at all those spots!! Pretty impressive! Love the reason for the names too.
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    I'm amazed, with the economy the way it is, I'm surprised they didn't jump immediately, i dont know much about that stuff but I thought we were still in a time frame of a "buyers market" or not? *shrug* Know what you mean though about once you do one thing, we get what you've been waiting for...
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    If You Were Buying a New T.V.......

    A few months back they had a story about how to go about buying a new tv and I THOUGHT i heard anything over 40" go Plasma, under LCD. But could have that backwards. We were shopping in Walmart the other day and looking at tvs, cause at some point soon will have to get a new one(s). I was...
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    Came home from the Area V Nationals

    Sounds like fun! Congrats on your winnings!
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    First time showing my horses

    Good job! Congrats!! I know several people that have gotten out there for the first time this year, this must be the year for greatness! 'Be Great in '08!'
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    Minis in vitamin water commercial

    GO home-grown Oklahoman Carrie Underwood! Where is the farm located (state?) that was in the video? It looked beautiful!
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    A day relaxing on the computer!

    That is funny!! Thanks for sharing! Sure looks like one tired cat!
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    sticking out her tounge

    My gelding (miniature) use to do it ALL the time in the show ring or just tied up, or just in his stall loose at home (wish I knew where that pic of him doing it was..). Anyway, since he did it regardless of situation I don't really think it was stress, probably just boredom. Someone's opinion...
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    More minis on TV.............

    That was great!! Thanks for sharing! Did they come to you or did yall pitch the idea to them?
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    AMHR Rules

    Hmm, interesting, good to know. Guess that'd be the same for Amateur and any "division"? Guess its changed over the years, I thought it use to be as long as the horse showed at 2 shows or so many jusges something like that, it could go in anything at nationals.
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    Full Moon Foaling

    Congrats Jan, glad she didnt make a liar out of you like you were afraid she might!
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    Show Questions

    3 for any type of driving or jumping class, 2 for Halter Obstacle, 1 for liberty, and no age requirment for showmanship.
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    Can you take some more babies

    Cute foals, thanks for sharing! Love that last pic too.
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    Please help

    My gelding did that many years ago when he was even in the barn for show season, but we believed the cause to be allergies. He'd been in the barn in previous years for show seasons and hadn't done this, but one year he did, and we did an allergy test. So, just an addition to the list of other...