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  1. I AM Ranch

    Mini Fetus Development Webpage- still used for reference?

    Kim, I have a page on our site with pictures of aborted babies to show fetal development....I could add your pictures to that page to make it more complete for others to refer to. If you would like me to add them please email them to me at [email protected]. The link I have currently is...
  2. I AM Ranch

    Sweet Movement. All natural!

    Glad you all enjoyed our Lassie. I have loved this one since I found out her momma was pregnant. I am doing just a bit of the initial ground work with her and love her even more!
  3. I AM Ranch

    Another filly to be excited about her trot!

    This little girl is coming 2 in the Spring!
  4. I AM Ranch

    Country Pleasure Driving at 2013 World Show

    In case I don't get all the videos onto this forum, other World Show videos can be found on our website at
  5. I AM Ranch

    Sweet Movement. All natural!

    I don't get onto this forum often, but wanted to post a few of our current videos. This one is of our very sweet Lassie. She will be 2 in a month and ground work is starting
  6. I AM Ranch

    Attaching umbrella to cart

    I am on the forum. We are the ones who put the umbrellas on our carts and made that you tube video.Yes, you could have a total wreck, and yes, you put it on your cart at your own risk, But you could have a total wreck without an umbrella too. Make sure that the horse driving is very well broke...
  7. I AM Ranch

    Milk test strip question

    We are selling the Foal-Time strips on our site now. What I love about these strips is that there is no mixing with distilled water, and you just need a micro drop of fluid from the mare. These strips are just a tool, or one indicator, to help mare owners...
  8. I AM Ranch

    Fiesta Bowl parade fun

    We are a unorganized group of fun in the Fiesta Bowl parade, but the crowd loves the minis. In much of this footage, you will see how this huge crowd loves interacting and touching the minis. Mickey is almost 3 months old, so I kept him away from the hands, but they loved seeing him. We take a...
  9. I AM Ranch

    How to decorate cart & horse for holidays?

    Thank you, Peggy! I hop on and off of here late at night Sandee, we use the battery LED lights that are at Walgreens. The bigger ones work better. There are about 20 strands on each cart. Two of the families that go with us have small generators and their carts are brighter. They also aren't...
  10. I AM Ranch

    How to decorate cart & horse for holidays?

    Here is one more....there a many more parade videos on our site or my you tube channel. It is wonderful that you are sharing your minis with the public. They make so many smile!
  11. I AM Ranch

    How to decorate cart & horse for holidays?

    Here is a sampling of what we have done...but it varies every year.
  12. I AM Ranch

    Surfin' Arizona Style at IAMRanch

    The really funny thing about surfing is it made people remember us. At the World show this year, I would pull up next to some stranger in my driving classes and the person sitting next to would say, "Hey, aren't you that family that surfs!?!?" Surprised me. We did do a video with Design surfing...
  13. I AM Ranch

    What does AMHA need to do to survive?

    We too are new to showing. Our 3 rd AMHA show was this year's World show. I was pre warned about the people being not as friendly as the AMHR folks. Well, the people were incredible! Everyone was super nice and super helpful! I was there with my 3 daughters and they would come back to our barn...
  14. I AM Ranch

    My adventure with Design

    Thank you for sharing in my love for Design. Yes, drive those minis! Shalako minis, Ihave one more liberty video to make if him. It is of his run at Worlds. He fell down and was dq'd because of it, but the ironic part was that he also fell down the very first day that I found him. When he fell...
  15. I AM Ranch

    My adventure with Design

    After the world show, I took off for a week with a friend battling cancer in an alternative treatment center in Mexico. Jess (my 15 year old) surprised me when I returned home with this video. The first shots of him were taken that day that we bought him out of a backyard in east Phoenix. As you...
  16. I AM Ranch

    Frontier EE Cart Wheel Bearings

    We have replaced ours with wheelbarrow axle bearings from Ace Hardware.
  17. I AM Ranch

    We are thrilled with our "freak!" Gorgeous Trot!

    Thank you for enjoying him! A little Steam Roller lives on.
  18. I AM Ranch

    We are thrilled with our "freak!" Gorgeous Trot!

    Remember this colt? He is now 10 weeks and still trotting big. I know my daughter wants to make a tribute to his father, Whitneyvilles Steam Roller, who we lost almost a year ago. This colt moves just like his daddy. Great impulsion, great hocks, and great action! I hope you enjoy watching him...
  19. I AM Ranch

    Surfin' Arizona Style at IAMRanch

    To keep the haystring up, my daughter fashioned one hay string into what looked like breeching or like a kicking strap with loops that the ties went through. This kept it all above the fetlocks. Thank you on her movement. It is what I love. Here are some links to our babies this year....