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  1. MiniM@m@

    Feeding alfalfa

    Kelly, do yours stay stalled or in a dry lot all day? I have one that is out on grass but an getting a new one that has never been on grass. I don’t know what to do with him. They don’t develop ulcers without any grass turnout?
  2. MiniM@m@

    Too fat on basically air?!?

    Very handsome man! I use a Taylor analog scale in my hay storage area. It’s easier (for me) to set for the weight of the bag you’re using so it nets out to zero when you hang it to weigh your hay. My Haflinger and mini are both on alfalfa. A flake typically weights 5# but as others have said -...
  3. MiniM@m@

    Mini crested up

    I use the same hay nets as @Kelly for my mini. He is on alfalfa and gets anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 a flake @ each feeding, depending on whether he is turned out or stalled. I have never had any issues on the alfalfa. My Haflinger, however, is a big boy and fattens up fast on coastal. He was...
  4. MiniM@m@

    HPR 2022 Foals

    Heartbroken for you and Izzy. 😢
  5. MiniM@m@

    Beginner Questions

    I have an 8 year old 34” gelding that my kiddos ride. He is saddle & hackamore broke, very responsive, and well behaved. I am debating breaking him to drive, but worried about the old adage “green + green = black & blue”. I have horse experience, but no driving experience. I would mainly drive...
  6. MiniM@m@

    Hello from Moe and Harley

    They are precious!! Sorry to hear about your divorce but I hope it’s a positive move for you. Colorado is amazing, I hope you will like it. The therapy work sounds promising, as do the driving clubs. Fingers crossed for you and your babies!
  7. MiniM@m@

    Possible first mini

    Congratulations! I have a Winston too!! They are lucky little minis ❤️
  8. MiniM@m@

    HPR 2022 Foals

    Gorgeous girls, and I love their solid coloring. Especially Rhapsody - without a hint of white! Can’t wait to see the baby/babies 😍
  9. MiniM@m@

    The more the merrier?

    Like Abby, I have one that is on turnout with limited grass access and shares a fence line with an Arabian and a Thoroughbred. I plan on teaching him to drive, but I do think it would be nice to have a second that is cart-ready. Our boarding facility just got Winston a goat for company, but I’m...
  10. MiniM@m@

    Blanketing Minis ❄️

    Basically … 🤣🤣
  11. MiniM@m@

    Blanketing Minis ❄️

    Thanks all! I think you guys hit the nail on the head, in some temps, it’s more for our own peace of mind 🤣 He is in a stable with all clipped horses and I feel bad. I did get him a medium weight blanket for 30s & under. 😬😬😬
  12. MiniM@m@

    Blanketing Minis ❄️

    Thanks for the reply @MaryFlora We are getting into the low 30s in Texas (cold for us) and in my head I know my unclipped boy will be warm, but I’ve always had clipped horses and in my heart, I feel a bit mean out of the habit of blanketing. Ha! He is stalled but one side is more open with a...
  13. MiniM@m@

    My new “shaggy” Lil Monkey!!!

    I don’t have anything to offer on the coat, but he sure is a cutie!
  14. MiniM@m@

    Blanketing Minis ❄️

    At what temp do you blanket your unclipped equines? I saw that when the temp gets down to 30s - 40s, to start with a lightweight blanket, but it’s discretionary. Seems chilly burritos for the little ones! ❄ 🌬 🧊
  15. MiniM@m@

    Beginner's Questions

    Love this! What I'm hoping for my kids. I plan on having my little guy Winston for the rest of his natural life, even when the kiddos are done!
  16. MiniM@m@

    Do you use Balls or toys?

    Following too. Have the same question 🙋‍♀️
  17. MiniM@m@

    Buying and selling minis

    As someone who just bought a mini for my kids, I can testify the market is super hot. Especially in Texas… I was having a hard time finding a mini and was referred to a Facebook pony page by a mini breeder in Conroe. It included a mix of minis and ponies, but each had like 5 backup buyers if...
  18. MiniM@m@

    Hello from Texas

    Thank you all for the warm welcome!! @MaryFlora @JFNM miniatures @Willow Flats @Kelly @minihorse @HersheyMint
  19. MiniM@m@

    Hello from Texas

    Hi Kelly- Yes, I’m in Houston! I know the Spring area - one of my girlfriends grew up there. I’m in South Houston now, probably closer to Galveston. Our new guy came from your area; the vet who did our pre purchase exam is located in Grandview. Nice to know a fellow Texan, y’all! 🤠