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    What is wrong with her?!

    Does anybody know if Bonnie Fogg is still doing readings? If she is, that'd be my first call. Many times Bonnie can tell exactly what the horse is feeling. She's helped me out a few times in the past. Love her!
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    Our 2015 Foals ~ Flyin' G Farm

    Beautiful foals! That black colt is simply stunning!
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    good books

    I'm with Miniv. Miniature Horses, Their Care, Breeding, and Coat Colors has been my bible since I got my first minis almost 20 years ago. I re-read Blessed Are the Broodmares every spring!
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    colic when in season?

    That's why I only give a light dose, 1cc. If it's a real colic, that won't stop it, and I know it's time to call my vet. I give it orally. I never give banamine IM anymore.
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    colic when in season?

    Over the years I've had several mares like that. I have one now that has an episode during every cycle. She doesn't roll, but lays down a lot, and just generally acts 'off'. One light dose of banamine and she's fine. For 3 weeks! lol
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    Added another beautiful mare to the family. Palomino Pinto

    SparklinJewel, are you in the KC, MO area? When we lived in Raytown, I discovered that Del Moody lived not too far from us. Unfortunately, we were in the process of moving back to the farm in south MO, and I never got to go see his horses! Talked to him a few times on the phone, and he was...
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    colic - need any help you can give me

    Yes, that's intestinal lining. I've seen it once before when I had an impaction colic. Your little girl really needs IV hydration, but since your vet sounds like a real winner, do everything you possibly can to get her to drink! It's a good sign that she's moved some of the impaction through...
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    Pelleted Alfalfa? Protein Tubs?

    I've always fed the alfalfa pellets dry, mixed with their feed. The couple of times I tried the cubes, they were like little alfalfa BRICKS! No way to feed them without soaking them! All of mine love the pellets, except for my boys. Father and son, and they're both little divas when it comes...
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    colic - need any help you can give me

    Trying this again! I just typed a long post, and the cyber fairies gobbled it up! The short version is this. You asked about grain. I wouldn't give her any grain till you get this resolved. It definitely sounds like ulcers, and grain is the worst thing for ulcers. You should see...
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    Hey Barefootin, I didn't know that was you! Again, thank you! And I've always loved your avatar! What a cute pic!
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    Even though I'm pretty late (hubby had surgery), I just wanted to thank Saleena Hilderbrand for the neat heart shaped picture frame! I put a pic of my grandkids with one of my foals in it. And thanks REO for having these fun games for us!
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    New to the forum, new to minis! My sweet little filly, "Jewel". *pics*

    That head shot is just stunning! What a beautiful face and big soft eye! You're gonna have so much fun with her! But be aware that soon you'll realize she needs a little buddy her own size. Or two or three!
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    Hi Shirley! Welcome from the Missouri Ozarks! Sorry your little mare lost her foal, but we've all been there. More times than I care to think about! It breaks your heart for sure. But then you have a live one, and it heals your heart! Wish we were closer. I'd breed her to one of my boys...
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    Best feed to make a 5-year-old mini mare gain weight?

    I agree with Chanda on the senior feed. I have one mare that gets pulled down every time she's nursing a foal. She's always been a hard keeper. My vet recommended a senior feed for her, and it's worked great. You're looking to increase the fat she's getting, and senior feeds have a higher...
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    Help!!! Mini gelding hates my new mini mares : (

    How old are your new girls? My stallions will charge the fence at the yearling fillies. All of them do it, and always have. Doesn't matter if the filly is theirs, or totally not related. Guess it's a throwback to the wild stallions running the non breeding girls off. They usually calm down...
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    Barnlime vs Stall PDZ

    I've used both over the years, and find the regular old lime works just as well. With all this nasty snow and rain, even the dry lots are stinky messes! When they get started peeing in one spot, it gets nasty real quick, so I sprinkle lime on those spots and they find new spots to stink up!
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    Miniature Horses in the 1950's

    How cute is that?! I'd never heard of a miniature horse till the 80's when I saw an ad in Horse Illustrated. My brother happened to run into Charlie ? who owned Sundance Ranch in Springfield, MO a couple years later, and she offered to let us come out and see her horses. At the time she had...