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  1. Mominis

    Downsizing my herd.

    Boy, do I ever feel your pain. In a similar sitation recently, knowing our money may just drop out from under us suddenly with the business we work for possibly going under in November, we had to make the hard choice to sell both of our boys and go horseless. It is really hard and I can't tell...
  2. Mominis

    9/11 Commemorative Wine

    I agree. This is in very poor taste.
  3. Mominis

    The explanation

    It wasn't long after I got Shake that the business we have both work for started having trouble. I have worked there for 17 years and my husband for 15 years. We finally decided to get horses again after a hiatus--and then our market goes in the toilet. It's been a rough stretch. However, I...
  4. Mominis

    Is anyone going through Kansas City on the way to AMHR Nationals?

    Oh, my apologies, Robin. I'll do that right away. Would you please delete the thread?
  5. Mominis

    Is anyone going through Kansas City on the way to AMHR Nationals?

    Hi all. Is anyone coming through or even coming from Kansas City on the way to Nationals? I need a ride for a cart to Tulsa. I'm sure willing to pay to have it transported. If you can help me out, I'd appreciate it.
  6. Mominis

    Unspoken Horse Showing Rules?

    Talking is for at home or when you are 'at ease.' The communication between you and the horse should be so refined, by the time that you hit the show pen that you shouldn't have to verbalize. Training happens at home. Any good team, be they on the stage or in the show ring, have wonderful...
  7. Mominis

    Question about feeding rescue

    I think you are on the right track with electrloytes in the water. I would put up two buckets for her, one with and one without the electrolytes. That way you don't put her off of her water. Another thing you could do is get loose mineral salts and put them in a bucket for her, separate from...
  8. Mominis

    Went to dermatologist today

    I've been thinking about you. I am so glad to hear your news!
  9. Mominis

    What Are Your Favorite Restaurants?

    Girl, I could change you view of BBQ! lol
  10. Mominis

    What Are Your Favorite Restaurants?

    Robin, you are my soul sister. I sure hope I get you this year for secret Santa. I can send you some spices that are out of this WORLD from the bbq capitol of the US. Next time you and I are at Nationals together, I think we should do a dinner for our LB Friends, we'd knock some socks off...
  11. Mominis

    The explanation

    Your support means so much to me. I'm not really a cry-er but you have me teared up right now. Thanks guys.
  12. Mominis

    What Are Your Favorite Restaurants?

    Fun thread! Local: The Bulldog....Herb seared Salmon with new potatoes and green beans The Bristol......Salmon mousse Chain sit-down Bice......Best lasagna in the world Applebee's.....French Onion Soup and salad Fast Food: Whataburger!!!! I live for horse shows in the South just so I...
  13. Mominis

    The explanation

    Hi guys. I have gotten several emails, so I wanted to explain things. The business that my husband and I work for has announced that, should things not go our way in an upcoming court case, will go out of business. That is why I chose to sell Shake and Eli. That was not an easy decision to...
  14. Mominis

    Yummertime in the Summertime

  15. Mominis

    Yummertime in the Summertime

    I made one of my favorite simple summer dishes, gazpacho and thought I'd share the recipe with you. Hope you like it as much as we do! 12 ripe tomatoes, peeled and chopped 2 red onions, finely chopped 2 cucumber, peeled, seeded and chopped 1 sweet red bell pepper, chopped 4 stalks celery...
  16. Mominis

    Putting muscle on a mini horse

    You will find that her efficient use of what she's getting will improve as you get her into shape. My two guys are both on 1/2 pound of Omolene 500/ 3/4 pound of Timothy-Alfalfa Hay AM and NOON and 3/4 pound of Omolene 500 with 3/4 pound of Timothy Alfalfa Hay at PM feeding. They are worked...
  17. Mominis

    How to make mane & tail grow?

    Feed him flaxseed and a biotin supplement. These help my guys grow INSANE amounts of mane and tail.
  18. Mominis

    I have been bouncing off the walls all week

    :yeah I am SO happy for you Leia!!!!! :yeah They look great!
  19. Mominis


    Many years ago, I asked an old breeder, "What is the difference between line breeding and in-breeding?" He replied with a smile, "It's line breeding if it works an in-breeding when it doesn't."
  20. Mominis

    How are your horses doing in this heat?

    My two haven't been worked for almost two weeks now due to the heat. We are just doing short turnouts and all of us are going crazy with it.