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    The LP (Appaloosa) color gene...

    Even though it is called the LP gene, it does not mean it carries a leopard gene. That name is kind of a misnomer, but it does do what the others have posted. Without it, you can't have any Appaloosa patterns.
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    Markings on Pintos???

    Sometimes those small spots are called paw prints.
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    AMHA Registration help please??

    Can't you hardship him when he is a gelding for probably a lot less than going through all this paperwork? Just do it before the end of the year.
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    My experiment with oats and a rant against the feed companies (UPDATE)

    Hi. I just started reading this topic and feel much like Marty about the confusion the feed companies try to put us in. Luckily, I live in Iowa so have a neighbor farmer from whom I buy a 300 bushel wagonload of oats every year. I paid $3.70 per bushel this year. I found someones post...
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    Looking for information on a stallion

    Perky Pete also sired an AMHR National Champion mare, Hooten Hollow's Spitfire.
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    Looking for information on a stallion

    Attached is a photo of Saratoga and three of his offspring. The sorrel pinto is this year's foal being shown at a local fair by my sisters granddaughter. Another photo is of Dream From Heaven shown at Louis Villa where he was Champion VSE. The other one is Sarge In Charge Of The Dream being...
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    Looking for information on a stallion

    I own this stallion and purchased him at the age of eight. He had no previous training but is a homozygous black and white stallion. I did not show him except at one show and his lack of training prevailed!!! I did show some of his foals, but not extensively and I retained many of his fillies...
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    My New colt

    His blaze looks like a twister so how about something like Sun Dance Mister Twister.
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    Pine Oaks Cajun Bandit

    Hi. I found this horse in the AMHA studbook as # A 76265 born April 12, 1996. He is a pinto brown and is 33 1/2 inches tall. His sire is NF Egyptian Kings Danncer , a solid black, by Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King and his dam is NFC Rowdys Miss Priss, a chestnut pinto, by Rowdy. He has 13...
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    Round pen owners BEWARE!!!! Injured horse~~

    Maybe you could cut something out of old tires and bolt it across the gap. Would probably be cheaper if you could get it cut correctly.
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    Finally made myself a website!

    Love it! I've been looking for a new place to put my website. Angelfire has GIANT ads, so was looking at and thinking of trying that. Your website looks really good so guess I'll try that. Thanks! Just a suggestion - I couldn't find a phone number or email address to contact or the...
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    Wild bay ?

    He looks like he could be a dun of some type.
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    Stupid Old AMHR Breeder

    This is the same debate that has been going on since the AMHA split from the AMHR in the 70's. From reading the old magazines, I gather that the AMHA did not want to compete with Shetlands which is why many did not want a Shetland on the pedigree. Yes, we all know there WERE Shetlands in the...
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    Stupid Old AMHR Breeder

    I'm stuck on this one! Does Doe really mean dough as in money?
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    AMHR Foundation division

    People tell me there is not enough time for extra classes like AOTE at the shows, so how could they possibly fit in a gazillion classes of all these types?
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    Ever heard of this harness?

    I found a harness at a sale and bought it. It has the words WICOR ENT (or maybe ENG)in a horseshoe on the shaft carriers and a horseshoe on the blinders. Seems like a nice enough harness, but I can't find anything about it on the internet and was wondering if anyone knows who made or makes...
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    Would this interest you?

    Guess it depends on how much you'd have to pay for the training contract. How many months and price per month. Surely it doesn't come with the training contract already paid. If so, I'd probably take it!
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    Good and bad news - my first pregnant minis

    To me, Banner looks to be a silver sorrel with his light mane and tail and sorrel body. I think they are lucky to find such a caring home with you.
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    Doing your own vaccines

    I had an amusing experience with my vet. I had ordered 30 doses of West Nile vaccine from him and he brought it down when he came for Coggins tests on some of the show horses. He did that and put the box of vaccine out and I started out to the stalls where the horses that were to receive the...
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    Dwarf pricing

    The problem I have with that is even though you know your horse is a carrier, should you breed it as the resulting foal will have a 50% chance of receiving the recessive dwarf gene. Then you will have to have the foal tested and if it is a carrier, will it be sold telling the prospective owners...