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  1. Minxiesmom

    Looking for some miniature people close to home (Silverton, OR/Salem, OR)

    Sonja-I highly recommend you contact Joanne Ross from Scott Creek Miniature Horses. Joanne is a wonderful mentor and has taught many, many people various aspects of the miniature horse world. She has been my mentor and friend. Please don't be intimidated by her because...
  2. Minxiesmom

    Hello from Northern California

    Hi Juls-Where in NorCal are you? I am in Southern Oregon, 30 miles from CA border on I-5. I'll bet someone on here lives near you!
  3. Minxiesmom

    What does AMHA need to do to survive?

    This was my first year showing in AMHA. I showed at three of the NWMHC shows and the Western Regionals. I come from a background of showing the last 5 yrs in Pinto in the NW with very successful results. I showed my Sr. Gelding in AOTE, Amateur Lvl 1 and Open Halter, Color, and AOTE Classic...
  4. Minxiesmom

    100 Minis Confiscated and in Need of Help

    This situation is WORSE than any of you can imagine! It goes far beyond what any compasionate person can tolerate. DO NOT give this woman the benifit of the doubt. When more details come available to us, we will let the mini community know how they can help.
  5. Minxiesmom

    What to Wear for Pinto World Show

    If you were watching this year, you probably noticed the bigger moving horses usually will win, all things being equal (manners, etc.) I'll let someone else handle what to wear for youth. I recommend you get the current Pinto rule book and it will explain the differences in classes. Always...
  6. Minxiesmom

    "Lee" - have to show him off!

    He is so cute! I love his name. I think he and Rio are 2nd cousins.
  7. Minxiesmom

    Got A Super Gelding???

    If you plan to only compete in your region, (no World show) do you really have any shot at this? Or are you just building the fund.
  8. Minxiesmom

    Feel good horse video

    That was very nice, Peggy! Thank you.
  9. Minxiesmom

    Kinson Plays Soccer

    He would make a great working cow horse! He circles that ball right up!
  10. Minxiesmom

    Headed back to Oregon

    I am so sorry for what you are going through. If you need a little mini fix, might I suggest you go over to Scott Creek Miniatures in Salem. Plenty of horses and babies to hug on there! Joanne has a big shoulder and an even bigger heart that I think you might find comforting at this time. The...
  11. Minxiesmom

    Quarantine, GOOD ONES please

    I second the vote for Scott Creek in Oregon. I have been there and observed the professionalism Joanne follows. She also accompanies the horses to Europe.
  12. Minxiesmom

    White hooves

    Max with Black feet Max with white feet. It supposedly makes their legs look longer to have white feet. I don't know if that is entirely important. I kind of prefer the look of the black feet on this guy. It seems to give him a finished look. Also, if you don't perfectly sand and polish...
  13. Minxiesmom

    Beginning Training with a 6 month old

    It is fun to teach them the in-hand trail stuff at this age. Mine pick it up very easy. I also start ground driving from long lead ropes to each side of the halter. Starting this young, seems to take all the drama out of it. Lounging a little to get a whoa is important to me also. I try to...
  14. Minxiesmom

    feeling a little unwelcomed!

    In my opinion, you have very good taste! Proving this colt like you said you are planning to do, will create a horse that very well should be kept a stallion! Good luck in your endevors. Breeding these little guys is not for the weak or timid, but it sounds like you are doing your homework.
  15. Minxiesmom

    Year End Awards

    I just found out that my stallion, Country Roads Hughstons Rio Grande, won year end Reserve Sr. Stallion and Reserve Color in the highly competitive Northwest Miniature Horse Club (NWMHC). I am so looking forward to showing him next year in the AMHA shows and the Pinto shows in the Northwest.
  16. Minxiesmom

    Driving Boots

    There has been talk here, on and off about boots. Someone one brought up that the "Build-a-Bear" tennis shoes worked. Since then, I have talked to a couple of people that have tried them with good results. I just bought two pair, but haven't tried them yet. They cost $9 per pair. The high...
  17. Minxiesmom

    Your favorite color, among your minis

    All my life I've wanted a dappled gray horse, that is, until I discovered SILVER Dapple! Now, I don't have to worry about my horse turning white! This is my little boy, Rio.
  18. Minxiesmom

    Fitting a Saddle

    I have a new nephew that was born 30 days ago. They live in my town and I have hopes of introducing him to the horse world. My boy Elvis has the perfect personality to have a child in his life. I have bought not just one, but two saddles that I hope to put this boy on. I am sure that many of...
  19. Minxiesmom


    Sounds like you might want to focus on learning showmanship with your horse. You can have lots of fun in open shows if there are any in your area. From there you can take this to in-hand obstacle and jumping. Just go have fun with your horse. It will lead you on an incredible journey.
  20. Minxiesmom

    Happy Halloween

    That was really cute!!! Thanks!