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  1. J

    Mini program Needs emails and input from some of the great people here.

    Thank you All very much for the responses! The poll is a great idea but not sure what questions to ask other than the main one :Do mini's show the same as a saddle horse? Or "Are mini's the same discipline as a saddle horse?" Maybe "Are mini's at a disadvantage showing against saddle horses?"...
  2. J

    Mini program Needs emails and input from some of the great people here.

    Hello, I have been a member for years but I'm more of a reader and lurker than poster, but I know this is the place to come with this issue > I'm seeking some written facts from knowledgeable and honest Miniature and Saddle horse people. The main issue is: Mini's are shown differently than a...
  3. J

    How many driving horses do we have here now?

    We have several who drive and they all can but some are just no fun to drive example: Coco who thinks we are nuts, and that he is above pulling his vending machine around in that weird cart,(no buck or spook he just won't go). But I can hook him and lead him around while he pulls the cart...
  4. J

    Feeling & seeing movement in pregnant mare

    Hello all , We have a mare who is suppose to be in foal due late march, she does not look preggo. I've been babying her and rubbing her belly and I swear during her evening feeding I feel movement, can feel the gut sound(gas)too, but a smooth rolling and/or thump feeling - Being a mother myself...
  5. J

    Question for pygmy goat Owners

    I have only been feeding my pygmy's Hay. I was told if I fed my wether any grain he would develope urinary problems. Is this true? I also have a female and I would sure like to give them a little something more than just hay. My female will eat about anything you hand her. The male Loves loves...
  6. J

    V shaped breast collars

    I Love the freedom collar we purchased from Janie at chimacum last year. I use it on all the driving minis here, 33"-36" tall, but they vary some in chest size and shape. I've always like the look of the Freedom collar, more comfy for the horse, I think it looks really nice on the horses. Best...
  7. J

    :) Area 2 National Show

    You and your gelding did Great! I was glad to see a few of your class's. Congrats! It was well deserved! It was very neat to meet you and some of the others who made the trip down from Canada. It was also great to see and personally meet some of the forum members. Hope to see you all again...
  8. J


    WOw, I ordered the Ovation Protege helmet on 6/9 and it came today 6/11! That was fast shipping Thanks VTO. It seems very light weight, sits well on the head, NO mushroom or bobble head feeling! Washable lining and a dial fit, to tighten or loosen it. For the sale price of $36. I'm pretty...
  9. J

    Which harness to buy for CDE/pleasure driving

    I love the freedom Collar. I use it on all of our driving mini's. Really happy with the harness from Chimacum too. What ever you choose enjoy Edited to add: Chimacum harness has very nice leather and the beta-thane material, very nice harness. I've been very happy with all the beta thane...
  10. J


    IRH is what I have for my 5 yr. old and he seems ok with it and I'm happy with the fit, so far. I haven't seen alot of IRH come up when I've googled for helmets. I'll go search for them next :P I have came across 1 that I really like the looks of esp. the graphite color it's called Ovation...
  11. J


    Thank you all for the replies. I would love to be able to have him (and myself) try on the different helmets, but the only store within 2 hours of here is TSC and they only carry Troxel. So I'm turning to the internet and the wonderful people here to help me make a decent choice. TSC has...
  12. J


    Hello, I've been looking into getting a helmet or 2 for around the farm. Plus my son needs one to go into driving classes. So which ones are the lightest, coolest and most comfy. My son is not thrilled with hats in general and to make him put on a hot show shirt and now a helmet too, he'll be...
  13. J

    Judge for 4-H show

    Richland County, Fairgrounds are in Mansfield. Thank you.
  14. J

    Judge for 4-H show

    Hello, I have been working on getting a Miniature horse program started in our county for several years, it is a slow process but it is progressing each year. This year I had high hopes to seperate the mini's from the saddle horses (for many reasons, But mainly for saftey and to give the...
  15. J

    Club Fund raisers

    Our club is a 4-H club and we're excited to try a turkey or ham raffle this year. The local Grocery is going to donate 1 turkey. And hopefully we'll get another store to donate a ham or turkey. Then our cost will only be the tickets. And of course we do the normal Bake sales, car washes, etc...
  16. J

    Non registered mini's? Full of questions

    I completely agree with you Rabbit. And I understand why breeders wouldn't want unreg. animals at their shows, except if in Grade(unreg.) class's which I don't see offered anymore. And I should clarify that a grade mini may not out do a top class show mini. But not all reg. mini's are breeding...
  17. J

    Non registered mini's? Full of questions

    Paper's are just that. paper It totally depepnds on what you want. I totally agree about the over breeding comments! That goes for reg. and non-reg. breeders. I've seen and own a few very nice grade(non-reg) mini's and they can definately compete with the registered mini's and hold their own...
  18. J

    donkey info. needed

    Thank you for the info. It is appreciated! Jayme
  19. J

    donkey info. needed

    Hello, I've been searching the net looking for info. to put togthere a 4-H booklet about small equine. I saw several kids walking thier donkeys around the fair this year and there is a adorable mini donkey team that comes to the fair every year. But there is nothing available in our county...
  20. J

    VSE- Horse & Donkeys?

    Thanks for all the encouragment! And targetmom for the great explanation of the cones classes. There are no ADS group close to us. There is a new Richland County Light pony association and I've spoke to them and they are excited and wanting to work togethere to pull off a couple open shows this...