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  1. J


    Mine only get the 3-way too.
  2. J

    Spam, Spam and more spam

    Kate must REALLY want an animal as I got the same email on a donkey that had "sold" on the ad LOL
  3. J

    Uh Oh - got another one .....

    Well Miss Kahlua needed a big buddy - so I found Sarge for my hubby (his birthday is next week so I thought that was a darn good gift ) Meet Sarge a QH/Belgian 16hh and a totally awesome boy. Unlike Miss Kahlua who was having a temper tantrum while I was brushing him LOL Here they are...
  4. J

    Where to buy mini a mini donkey

    Our local farming paper often has them - you could always check it since we are not too awful far from NJ... ;)
  5. J

    Where to buy mini a mini donkey

    Hi, Yhe best place to look is - they also have breeders by state. I am in PA but we don't have any pg girls for sale Good luck.
  6. J

    How many of you have done THIS?!

    My thoughts exactly! I know she won't be (because I doubt she'll remember anything) but she should be VERY thankful you were the one taking care of her -
  7. J

    Any Boston Terrier owners out there?

    I got my Ruthie in September she's around 8 months and we just her! So funny. She is also known as... Rufus, Ruf-a-loof, ooofie, oofus poor little girl LOL and her christmas pic
  8. J

    Ebay items to try and save a mini jack

    That stinks - it is such a needed cause and people take advantage - then others don't want to help I was out the other day looking at the horses and they had +30 head of really nice horses they saved from the meat guys I learned so much and the horses ranged in age from 2 years to 28...
  9. J

    Ebay items to try and save a mini jack

    Yes ...well I know they have been quite helpful in raising funds for the horse rescue ...
  10. J

    Ebay items to try and save a mini jack

    I saw this on another horse rescue board I chat on and thought I'd post it here too (if that's allowed?) Such a cute little guy
  11. J

    My Guard Donkey

    DO IT! It needs to say - "There's a NEW Sherriff in town" and have his picture Or get shirts or a poster printed up for the police station :
  12. J

    Music Editing?

    I do! I have had to do it for talent show songs etc. My Nero has a program that it is really easy to use. My boys like some songs with words I am not keen on so I will "fix" them then they can put them in their MP3s or I'll burn them. Do you need help with something??
  13. J

    Update on hubby & me

    Kim, I am so sorry I watched my mom go through this and you will make it just fine - theroad will be rough but the light at the end of this tunnel is a bright one. Your girls will be better women for watching their mom persevere with strength and dignity to be the best mom she can be. And...
  14. J

    Hi all I need a favor

    Sure A good friend of mine gave me a bunch from when he was in Iraq. Boy those pictures stir up all kinds of emotions...
  15. J

    Let's See You..

    Here is my avatar bigger and me and my boys
  16. J

    Another Llama ?

    I was at work thismorning and D said he wants a Llama for his farm in OH (raises cattle there too) and didn't know if he should get 1 or 2 or male/female? And is there a Llama connection web page like gotdonkeys or dreamhorse etc? Thanks
  17. J

    Wanna laugh about something?

    That is great! I emailed it to all my friends
  18. J

    Hi all I need a favor

    My Aunt does a huge fund raiser every year and I thought a slideshow would be cool to have going on loop while people are looking at the auction items etc.
  19. J

    Hi all I need a favor

    Those are great! Anyone else???