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    Hi - been a long time!!

    Hi! Do you guys remember me? :lol: The past year has been so busy and my life has changed so much, it seems like years since I was here last. In October of 05 we moved to WY for my husbands work, I was just starting to get settled in, unpacking and decorating our new place when I found out I...
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    Color Experts

    She's liver chestnut.
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    Computer people

    How much it can hold will depend on what you're putting on it. For example, I have a 1GB flash card for my camera, the pictures range in size from 1MB-3MB depending on what the photo is of. I've yet to fill the card but I've had 100+ photos on there before. The smaller the pictures (in byte...
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    Any Television Series

    I'm a TV-holic, I'm not too picky so there's usually always something on that I'll watch, hubby on the other hand is really picky and his work schedule is weird so there isn't much we watch religiously every week. These are our favorites so we wait until they come out on DVD and either buy or...
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    Movie Reviews

    We haven't watched many movies lately, hasn't been much we've been interested in actually paying money to rent, usually just wait for it to be on HBO. But we have been renting several different TV series from NetFlix that we've really enjoyed. We've seen some of these on TV but it's much better...
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    Need help soon! BEAGLES...

    I have two beagles, both spayed females, I think they're both about 7 years old now. Jo we raised from a puppy, Molly was about 4 when we got her, she was a "give away" in the newspaper. Molly didn't like children and her previous family had a toddler (which Molly bit) and a baby on the way. We...
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    IRS and S.S

    This just happened to me this year too, I also e-filed (Turbo Tax). I called the local SS office and was told that my last name was misspelled - Byran instead of Bryan. : She asked if I'd gotten married. I said yea 9 YEARS AGO. I asked why they just figured it out now that my name was...
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    Ebay problems

    I waited almost a month for something I got from Ebay that came from New York - I live in WY - so 10 days isn't that long. I did finally get it and he had mailed it when he said he did so it was just the mail being slow/stupid - I hate that most Ebay sellers don't use FedEx. :no: I would say...
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    Names that end with an 'O'

    One of our cats is named "Gato" but it quicky got shortened to "O". :
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    She's here!

    Congratulations Jenn, she is beautiful.
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    At the risk of being seriously flamed

    Nope you're not alone. I HATE football! I could care less who's playing or who wins. Thank goodness hubby feels the same. The only sport we've ever watched and found entertaining was Sumo Wrestling - seriously. :
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    Another Cream Dilute Color Testing Question

    We did have two mares this color but we just sold the older one last summer. We bought their mothers from an old guy that just had them for pets, never did see the sire. The older one was a yearling when we bought the dams and the silver dapple was pregnant with Sunny's mother. I think they were...
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    Another Cream Dilute Color Testing Question

    Jill, Goldie looks alot like Sunny's dam, who is bay + silver + dun (Sunny's sire is chestnut) she's never been tested for anything but she's more than proven her color by her foals. Her dam was silver dapple and her sire is unknown but obviously he would have had to have agouti & dun. For dun...
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    Whats your FAVORITE saying?

    I don't have any favorite sayings but my husband loves to say... "If it was up your axx you'd know." I just don't get that one. : Actually I do have a favorite saying, I say this to the hubby, alot... "IDIOT!"
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    Strange Favorite Foods?

    Ugh, Jill that sounds disgusting! I am not a fan of ketchup. My mother in law eats it on everything, grosses me out! I might eat a little bit on french fries but that's it. I think it's because I was allergic to ketchup when I was a toddler so I ate fries w/ mustard so I would much rather...
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    So is this filly splash??

    Yes she is Splash. You can see this by the shape of the color on her chest. Splash is the only pattern that tries to erase the "chest sheild". If you have photos of her parents I might be able to tell you where she got it and if she's possibly homozygous for it. I would get her tested for Frame...
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    Anyone take thyroid medicine?

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 12 (15 years ago) and have been on Synthroid ever since. The last year or so I've been taking the generic brand and I think it's worked better for me than the name brand. I can't remember the dosage I'm on, I think it's fairly high. I can always...
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    Nervous! Liz M. photo shoot-need ideas

    When we had Liz at our place she said she would fix any scars or blemishes that you tell her you want fixed, but you have to tell her. It's a no brainer that she'd remove any "happy" stallion parts or hands/arms/people or in frames - but she will not alter conformation or color. Clipper marks...
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    How would you

    Hey, cool color!!!! Does he have a dark stripe down his back?
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    What color to register him

    Marion, your horse is silver buckskin. If he was buckskin his mane/tail would be black or at least a dark chocolate. That's one of the identifying traits of buckskin...... the points, which includes mane/tail must be black - many are faded to an off-black/dark chocolate, but they are still not...