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    First experience with a wildly aggressive little stud horse

    I haven't read all the comments but I ask, does this little fellow have room to RUN. I know of a stallion who had spent his entire life stabled,yarded and shown and was a complete nut case. After despairing for a while the new owners let him loose in a huge paddock and he ran until he couldn't...
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    Stall Weaving & Fence Pacing

    I know of a little stallion who had been shown almost since birth and lived exclusively in a stable and tiny yard. His new owners were devastated by his behaviour in his new bigger but still small yard walking the fence line constantly. In desperation one day they let him out into a huge paddock...
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    Reserved my "name"

    It took about 5 years to come up with my property name and when it suddenly came to me it was obvious. DANISSY ...after the 2 ponies I had when I was a kid over half a century ago. Sissy and Danny.,,,,,DANISSY
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    Just 4mos post op from brain surgery: Our first driving show! (Pics, of course!)

    Congratulations. What a story. Token red and pink........sounds good to me.
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    Ad lib not working

    The theory of ad lib feeding is that they are never allowed to run out of low sugar grass hay (fed in slow feeder nets)........not even for a minute. Theoretically they will eventually come to realise that there will always be food there for them so they don't have to gorge themselves...
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    Straining to poop

    My 6 months old filly has to strain to pass manure and then it is only a couple of balls. The vet seems to think it may be a constriction in the bowel and if that is the case her prognosis is not too rosy. She suggested soupy feeds, wet hay and psyllium (sp) 2 days a week. Has anyone had...
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    Whats everyones plans for 2015 ??

    Oh dear, your lists make me feel so tired.
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    Tracking systems/ Paddock Paradise

    Since my herd has been on track they are actually moving instead of lying around all day in the dry lot like slugs. Heavens I've even seen the occasional TROT. Looking forward to the day when someone goes mad and breaks into a gallop. They have to be happier. I'd love to have the kind of pasture...
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    Tracking systems/ Paddock Paradise

    Paddock we're talking. My 24 ponies and 4 donkeys have been on track for about 3 months now. Previously they were allowed into a paddock a couple of hours morning and evening and confined to a ''dry lot'' the rest of the time. I hated it. They now have grass hay 24/7 in slow...
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    The Six

    That's so impressive but I have to long does it take to hitch them all up?
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    Colour question

    My yearling filly was registered by the breeders as a Black Buckskin. They weren't sure of her colour and that was a best guess. Now that she has lost most of her baby fluff I'm wondering if she might be a Liver Chestnut. Mother Bay with Bay and Chestnut parents. Daddy Palomino with Black and...
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    Always in the weather!

    Horses will be horses. Mine get all their hay in slow feeder hay nets with 1 inch holes. Keeps hay off the ground and minimises waste. Been using them for years and (touch wood) have never had a problem.
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    Feeding a new mum

    My little mare presented me with a sweet baby before I had time to start worrying too much. How good was that. Any tips on feeding the new mother?
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    Colour prediction please

    What a stunning foal. Mine will have legs about half as long as that beauty.
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    Colour prediction please

    Oh dear not much chance of a black then. I'd be quite happy with a purple though.
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    We wrapped up our foaling season with three handsome boys

    Fabulous photos. Beautiful babies. Congratulations!
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    Colour prediction please

    I have a beautiful little bay mare who I purchased in foal to a golden palomino (with a black sire and palomino dam). Three previous foals to this same stallion were all palomino (alas pale not golden like dad). Her last foal appears to be a black buckskin(?) but won't be sure until she loses...
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    Paddock Paradise/Track system.

    Does anyone on this group keep their minis on a Paddock Paradise track? My track is much too wide and I am about the make it narrower and was wondering if anyone could tell me a good width for minis.
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    Vet prices

    Once had a vet out twice on a Sunday night. I live 25km out of town. Two lots of travelling, 2 lots of after hour fees plus. plus plus. Oh the joys of owning a horse (or 30).
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    Insulin Resistance

    IR may not be hereditary but I bet the predisposition towards developing it is. I'd put money on it.