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    Hairicane foals #8-12

    Congratulations on all of your foals. They are beautiful!
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    Little Hawk

    He's beautiful!
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    After 372 Days...

    Congrats Matt!! What a long wait, but she is gorgeous, well worth the wait!
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    How to stop being the victim

    I think since this happened it is very normal the way you are feeling. I know that I would feel the same way. I think it may just take some time for you, or maybe you will always have this in your mind everytime you come home. Here, we live in a rural area, and we have older neighbors that...
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    Semi had a FILLY this morning.. all went perfect + pix

    Congratulations! Very pretty filly! I have always loved your Semi
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    AMHR height correction

    Thanks everyone for the contacts and info
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    AMHR height correction

    Thanks! I did call amhr today and she said I just had to fill out the height certification, pay $10, send in my mares papers, and send pictures. She did pull my mares file and verified what height I had registered her at. I will measure her this week so I can get started on hardshipping for...
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    Mare Heat Cycles

    I just started teasing my mares this weekend. On Saturday, one mare, she was in and we hand bred her and than teased her Sunday and Monday and she was out. So I must have just caught her on the last day. I am hoping she took with the one breeding
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    First full body clip of the year ....

    She is very NICE Leeana!!
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    AMHR height correction

    I just assumed that A would want to see the R papers. I didnt know that they will not. I did call AMHR, and it is just a simple thing to do. and only costs $10 with pictures. I would want both sets of papers to match. Than another question, when you hardship in A, who picks the name that...
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    AMHR height correction

    I have a mare that when she turned 3 a few years back and I did her perm registration, I dont think I measured her right. I got 35", and I actually think she is 34" or a little under. This mare is my favorite mare, if I could get her R papers changed for her height, I would love to hardship...
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    MY FIRST 2009 FOAL!!

    Congrats Robin!! He is quite the looker
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    Announcing my new stallion

    WOWZA!! Congratulations!!
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    I got a new mare!

    Congrats Robin!
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    Our last foal of the season, a colt!!

    Thanks!! He is really a little ham too. My 13 year old daughter had friends over this weekend and they loved him! They named him stud muffin lol!
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    Finally got picture to announce our 1st 09' live filly

    Congrats!! She is beautiful!!
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    Foal number 5.....

    She is beautiful!! Congrats Tami!!
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    Our last foal of the season, a colt!!

    Here is our last foal of the season. He was born early Thursday morning at 1:15 am. Quick and easy delivery, by the time I got out to the barn he was out and his mom was cleaning him up already. We were expecting 4 foals this year and the first mare aborted 5 weeks before her due date and a...
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    Whats involved when you hardship into AMHA?

    Looking at younger mares that are only amhr registered, wondering what is involved to hardship them into amha? Do they have to be 3 years old or 5? And do you need someone from amha to measure and inspect them? What are the costs? Thanks in advance
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    He's Got Pizzazz

    Wow, he is nice, and very unusual. Congrats!!