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  1. Little Wee Horse Farm

    I'm back & would like a little info

    Hi! - It's been quite some time since I've been here. I hope I'm welcome back. I dispersed my herd about 7 years ago. Some of you might remember my appys and pintos, I would like to hear from anyone who owns a "Little Wee" prefix horse. When a horse is sold, the seller hopes they go to the best...
  2. Little Wee Horse Farm

    Question for breeders

    It can be a hormone imbalance.
  3. Little Wee Horse Farm

    I am having a hugh

    It has been about a year since we sold out our entire herd in a retirement move. But, how I miss those little ones at foaling time. That was my favorite part of the whole thing. But on the other hand, I'm sort of glad I no longer need to worry about where they'll go or how they will be cared...
  4. Little Wee Horse Farm

    This sweetheart needs a name!

    Lisa -- How about deeogee. You know, spelling out "D-O-G." DeeOGee, with the emphasis on the O. - k
  5. Little Wee Horse Farm

    certified letter recd. stating no "livestock"allowed under 5 acres.

    Hi - Questions I think you need to have the answers to before any authority is approached: How much does the lot where the mini is vary from what is required for a horse? What is the minimum lot required for a horse? What is the zoning for the area the mini is in? What is the general law in...
  6. Little Wee Horse Farm

    I am so upset and disgusted with myself

    I'm so sorry for your loss.
  7. Little Wee Horse Farm

    pygmy horses???

    I saw the pygmy horse thing too & hated it. It would be very confusing if I didn't know anything about miniatures. Some years ago, someone came to our farm looking for "Tom Thumb" breed & claimed they were the smallest in the world. I said I wasn't familiar with them and they acted like I was...
  8. Little Wee Horse Farm

    what to do

    Since this sounds like a group feeding situation (correct me, please, if I'm wrong) just a word of caution -- if they chase her other than eating, it may be that she is not getting enough to eat anyway. It could be they are so preoccupied with eating that they allow her in to eat, but then want...
  9. Little Wee Horse Farm

    Crazy lady came to visit...

    I just remembered another one....... I was fixing the corner of the pasture fence, down by the intersection. A fellow pulled over in his truck & started asking me questions about the minis. I'm not shy & was glad to share with him. Well, shortly into the conversation, he started screaming at me...
  10. Little Wee Horse Farm

    Crazy lady came to visit...

    A few years ago, a family stopped in (not unusual at all) but the mom demanded that I show her the horses, saying it was the middle of the afternoon & I should be "open." I always showed the horses to whoever asked, but this woman was abusive LONG before we approached the barn. She also...
  11. Little Wee Horse Farm

    AMHR Journal

    If you look at any media that carries advertising -- the advertising follows the subject. Look at TV, for example. You won't find too many women's products advertised during NASCAR presenations. Or you won't find very many men's products on soap operas. Watch the's selling cars...
  12. Little Wee Horse Farm

    AMHA lookup please

    I knew him as a foal. He was, well, McNifficent! Loved him. He was bred by Linda Dunn in PA. She's been into minis for a very long time & had some nice horses. I'd love to see a pix of him now? -- karen Couldn't wait & went to your website.........yep, he's still beautiful!
  13. Little Wee Horse Farm

    I want to know

    My question, then, would be -- what else do you need to hear to get you to understand? I think we've been pretty inclusive. But if you don't understand by what's been said here, I don't think you'll get it. Sorry, that's the way I see it.
  14. Little Wee Horse Farm

    Premmie foal with Joint Ill

    I am not familiar with EIA or its effects, since it is virtually non-exisitant where we are located. I have not, however, heard of EIA developing into a joint ill situation. But, I do know somewhat of joint ill. We had a foal with it one time. The survival rates for it are quite low, but with...
  15. Little Wee Horse Farm

    Horses ears "wired" to stand up and forward?

    QUOTE(Little Bit @ Nov 13 2007, 01:24 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=918786index.php?act=findpost&pid=918786 "This "ear wiring" thing is very disturbing to me, not only because it is not fair in the show ring, but a horse uses it's ears to communicate SO much to other horses, can you imagine...
  16. Little Wee Horse Farm

    I want to know

    We bred miniatures for decades and only in the very beginning did we stand a stud to outside mares. The experience brought with it: A mare kicking me square in the stomach when I tried to hand breed her. With both feet, mind you. The owners of another mare deciding they wanted to take her home...
  17. Little Wee Horse Farm

    One Handed - Hoof Nippers

    They look very interesting, but there's no price indication anywhere. That's really irritating on any website. How much are they? What are shipping costs? And "how to order" should be right there too. I'm sorry, but I think these things should be right up front on the stie, as on any site with...
  18. Little Wee Horse Farm

    Folks, Count Your Horses!

    When our farm was really at it's fullest, we'd look out at the herd & try count horses. There could be 3 of us standing & counting & we'd all get different answers! They were almost all appaloosa & trust me, those spots run together just like a herd of zebra stripes. They fool the eye. After...
  19. Little Wee Horse Farm

    Advise reguarding boarding.

    Hi Geri!! How's my boy doing?? As to the water, I'd suggest starting them at home with a peppermint hard candy in their water to flavor it. You know, red & white, round, hard as heck. Then when they go to the new place, continue the peppermint things for a while until they are accustomed. It...
  20. Little Wee Horse Farm

    Bond / Komokos

    I just wanted to remind folks that because horses have the same prefix does not mean they are related in any way. MANY times, just came from the same farm/breeder. I have sold many pairs as breeding pairs. Both members of the pair had the same "Little Wee " prefix, but they were not related in...