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  1. auledasacres

    your prices

    Around her the prices are all over the place. We price our donkey's like this. Jacks start at $550 -$600. Jennets I price at $800-1200 depending on color and pedigree. So far most of our donkeys have been sold to pet homes and the families were not interested in papers. All of our donkeys...
  2. auledasacres

    Our Christmas Miracle

    Introducing "Mary Christmas". This little jennet was born at 1:05pm on Christmas Day. She is our Christmas miracle. Thanks Kay and Family
  3. auledasacres

    Need help with info for rescued donkeys

    I knew that one. Laughing. The one with the knuckle was so weird. Originally I just thought it curled around as it grew. Then I thought maybe they had club feet or something. Thanks Traci
  4. auledasacres

    Locking stiffles....

    We have a horse that has had this since birth. He is now a yearling. It is better than it was last year. Someday he doesn't haven't it at all but other days it is very noticable. He was just gelded and is a very sweet boy. Hopfully in time we will find someone to take his as a pet. Traci...
  5. auledasacres

    Need help with info for rescued donkeys

    Their hooves are terrible and the farrier will be here Monday. I am trying to do some research on these hooves to just help my farrier. Each of these donkeys have like a club foot????( I am guessing this is what this is). I have searched the internet for hours and can find no pictures of this...
  6. auledasacres

    Very small stallions

    Thank you all. What terrific looking mini, mini's! I just worry about them actually breeding the mares. I have a few mares that are 28-29 inches that are not related to him but some of the others are 31-32. Will he be able to reach??? Thanks again Traci and Family
  7. auledasacres

    Very small stallions

    Finally got around to bathing and clipping up our little Sarge. Sarge is out of Sweet Dreams Fame and Fortune and a appaloosa mare, Reh's Crystal Blue(29 1/2). We thought he would be solid but he is starting to get mottling around the mouth and eyes and has white and black dots on his rump and...
  8. auledasacres

    Finally a horse foal and worth the wait

    Forgot to ask, what color would you guess. We are thinking, Maybe black, maybe smokey black, maybe grulla???????? Here mane is black and tail is black and white. Kay and Family
  9. auledasacres

    We have a new forum baby!!

    He is also so gorgeous. He looks like a twin to our little jennet. Steel gray is the color I said also. Congrats again. Traci and Family
  10. auledasacres

    Another Precious Baby

    OH Marnie I love her. She is just so darling. I agree this donkey just grab hold of your heart so quickly. Our experience is they are so friendly right away. Again congrats, hope of have one of those this fall. Traci and family
  11. auledasacres

    Finally a horse foal and worth the wait

    After 2 gorgeous donkey foals we have finally received our first horse foal for 2007. Born April 10 at 8:30pm. Also our very first filly ever born at our place. Dam is our appaloosa mare and Sire was our palamino stallion(know deceased. We are very pleased with the outcome. Introducing...
  12. auledasacres

    ~Warning~ Internet Fraud found Us..

    I am sorry this is happening this to you. WE have bought things off the internet for many years putting credit cards numbers up. Have had maybe 2 problems in the many years. There is truly no way to protect yourself from this other than not to have credit cards. We can call places to place...
  13. auledasacres

    2007 BABIES---

    Here are our first 2 babies. to add. First a boy(Mr. Tucket) and then a super tiny girl(not named). Traci and Family
  14. auledasacres

    Our first 2 donkey foals of the year

    Wanted to introduce our first 2 donkey foals of the year. First born March 22. A very dark brown boy with black cross. Kids named him Mr Tucket. The second born last night. A super tiny light brown girl with splash of white on her head. No name yet, any suggestions would be appreciated. I...
  15. auledasacres

    mini horse jumps

    Thankyou, Thankyou for the links. We really appreciate it. Traci and Family
  16. auledasacres

    mini horse jumps

    Does anybody know were we can buy miniature horse jumps. Thanks Traci and Family
  17. auledasacres

    Introducing Romeo's Juliet

    Thanks everyone. I am so in love with her already. She is our second donkey foal this year. The first being the sweetest Jack. He left Monday for his new home. I actually cried. I just loved him so and had a hard time parting with him, but we can't keep everyone of them could we. Juliet...
  18. auledasacres

    Introducing Romeo's Juliet

    Her mom is Gem's Mae. You can she her on our website. on the donkey page. She is a very dark brown with white. Her sire was a brown/sorrel. Thanks Traci
  19. auledasacres

    Introducing Romeo's Juliet

    We proudly introduce Romeo's Juliet. She is a light brown donkey jennet foal born last night at 10:35pm. Was the wierdest delivery I have ever seen. Mom pushed her out to the hips. Then proceeded to get up and walk around smashing the poor thing into the side walls of the stall. We...
  20. auledasacres

    Looking for family that bought donkey's at the SOS sale

    Looking for the family that bought Evie at the SOS sale. I think you purchased 2. I have lost your email address and were just curious if you ever had a foal. We don't have a foal and are thinking she isn't bred, atleast not for the dates of the stud report. Most of my jennets start bagging...