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  1. DiamondShadowRanch

    Rescue Mare

    P.S. The vet bill and transport is fine, we have that all covered, and bail paid. We just were not expecting the huge board cost
  2. DiamondShadowRanch

    Yes you are too big to ride a mini!!!!

    Watch at 4:07, she basically jumps onto the pony putting all her weight onto it. These poor things. The one mule at 2:48 looks to be only a yearling or two year old, then she's jumping on it trying to make it stand up. This is incredibly sad and their parents should be ashamed to have raised...
  3. DiamondShadowRanch

    Rescue Mare

    Hi everyone. As you may know, I have rescued a big-horse filly from slaughter with only about a half-hour left before she was due to ship. There have been so many things that have popped up and we may not be able to afford it. We are looking for whatever we can get for donations to help get her...
  4. DiamondShadowRanch

    Shipper Out Of Business?

    I tried contacting him but got no response, just like the other 20 or so "transport companies" I didn't get responses from. I only got 1 person who replied, and they couldn't do it . Not sure what I'm supposed to do with no hauler and a mare in PA that needs to get to Canada
  5. DiamondShadowRanch

    Weird color pattern

    Possibly brindle? I know of lots of horses who only have seasonal brindle colouring, on bays as well.
  6. DiamondShadowRanch

    Shipper Out Of Business?

    I'm looking for a shipper from PA to BC for my recently-rescued mare. Does he have an email I can contact him at? Our house phones don't work right now and I can't afford long-distance calling on my cheap cell phone!
  7. DiamondShadowRanch

    Today, I Saved a Life

    I will definitely be giving her 30 days of quarantine and a vet check-up to ensure everything's right on her. She will also get wormed right away, and depending on how her feet are, have them done. It's going to cost us a fortune to get her here from, yes, PA. She was taken in by Another Chance...
  8. DiamondShadowRanch

    Today, I Saved a Life

    Today, I saved the life of a young 2-3 year old filly. We still need donations to help pay to get her from PA to BC. Any donations will help. Donate for "pinto mare 7-15-19". We need to fundraise as much money as we can to get her safe and lower our bail cost to save for transportation. So far...
  9. DiamondShadowRanch

    A horse coat of a different color. The rarest of rare

    I would like to see how this filly turned out!!
  10. DiamondShadowRanch

    Another color question

    Silver buckskin in my opinion
  11. DiamondShadowRanch

    Tobianos With Paw Prints

    The top 3 pictures all look like toveros, and the bottom one looks like a tobiano-sabino. The first one is stunning!
  12. DiamondShadowRanch

    Gelding those colts.

    People should only breed to better the breed, never to only make money.
  13. Imperials Teddy

    Imperials Teddy

  14. Chilako's Nibbles

    Chilako's Nibbles

  15. Chilako's Jazzy

    Chilako's Jazzy

  16. Chilako's Nibbles

    Chilako's Nibbles

  17. DS Little Layla

    DS Little Layla

  18. Chilako's Jazzy

    Chilako's Jazzy

  19. Chilako's Nibbles

    Chilako's Nibbles

  20. DS Little Layla

    DS Little Layla