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    Driving Discussion 2024

    That was more than a vacation it was also an adventure! So many cool activities to take part in and remember. Food? 😂 We have smoke in our area, just in the form of haziness and a very slight smell of smoke. Wishing Canada a quiet season!
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    Allergic reactions

    Our vet recommended citerizine (otc) one summer and I still have a bottle on hand. Would your vet recommend something you could also get over the counter?
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    Getting there!

    She has a beautiful paddock to roll in! I don’t breed and it is interesting to read about the pH testing. Looking forward to her big reveal! ;)
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    Book Club 2024

    Ok. In 8 weeks it will be my turn to have the book! 😂
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    Book Club 2024

    I looked it up and it sounds powerful and tragic. I loved history, taking it all through school and never once heard of the ship, Wilhelm Gustloff or the people she carried. 💔 I am placing a library request. Thank you!
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    Seeking ulcer treatment advice

    That is good information to have. Sometimes we have to be the vet until our vet is able to get out, and some members don’t have a vet in their immediate area. All information is another tool in our mental medicine cabinet. 🤔 Hmmmmm……..I wonder if we need another forum, The Medicine Cabinet? A...
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    Fewer Topics

    If I failed to welcome you in an earlier post…Welcome from north central Minnesota! Thank you for sharing what drew you in and what you enjoy about the forum. I think many of us can relate to not feeling ‘experienced enough’ to share but there is a wide range on this forum from newer horse...
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    2024 crafter's delight - whatcha working on?

    That’s an impressive button! Did you paint the sky and clouds behind it?
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    Just saying Hi!

    Feel free to join any conversation anytime or start a new one! Conversations may lag a bit this time of year but at quieter times we can be pretty chatty! 🤣
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    2024 Hours Driven

    Standards Equine - Hearty congratulations to you both! That is a wonderful accomplishment and gorgeous buckle. 🤩 Your yellow belt sounds perfect.😁 May you wear it happily for many years! 1roadtoad that is terrific! I imagine Pepper and Rocky have as much fun as you do ground driving. We used a...
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    Driving Discussion 2024

    Thank you so much Standards Equine for sharing the wonderful experience you and your daughter and littles enjoyed! You really gave a sense of the entire event and it would have been both fun and educational to attend in person. Minnesota also has an annual horse expo, and we have attended some...
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    How's the Weather ?

    Sounds like us 1roadtoad! We have had a very similar pattern of weather with today heading to the 60’s and sunny and tomorrow raining and chilly. We don’t plant a garden other than grow boxes hubby bought last year for the deck. They worked well and I was surprised how many vegetables they grew!
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    Mini horse giving neurological symptoms? Help!

    So happy ro read your little guy is doing better! There is no end to the ways our horses keep us up at night! Any special plans for your mini this summer? Mine are simple - more walking! 🚶‍♀️🐎 😊
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    Fewer Topics

    I love this forum and like you all, have learned so much from reading the posts about different topics. I also appreciate the feeling of community even though we are hundreds/thousands of miles apart. I am glad people join to ask a question about a current problem or concern, but also hate that...
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    Starting babies right

    I’m with HersheyMint - no help - just enjoying your beautiful foal and happy momma! It really sounds as if you are giving your little one a positive start in her new world!
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    Just saying Hi!

    Welcome Lilymazu from North Central Minnesota! Your mini is beautiful! 1roadtoad said it best! 🤣
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    2024 crafter's delight - whatcha working on?

    Your buttons are beautiful and you have a neat range of designs and subjects. I have learned about buttons through your posts and can understand collecting these little pieces of art!
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    Book Club 2024

    I did read Leaving Time and to quote Kelly, “ Holy crap!”. 😂 As far as liking the book, I’m glad to have read it, but the ending left me feeling tricked. 🤨 May have to read another one of her books. 😁 I don’t believe in ghosts or psychics, but understand that many people do and that there are...
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    I bet you posted that earlier and I missed it! You sure had a wonderful outcome! I love your mare too - she is lovely! 😍
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    I have to be honest and say how disappointed I was that “BOGO” baby didn’t actually mean “Buy One Get One”! 🤣 She is adorable with her nearly 50/50 color! I bet you have some future plans in mind too - very fun!