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  1. minih

    Post/Share your 2015 Shetland and cross foals - Photos & Videos Welcome!

    This is Mini h Brown Sugar, born March 2nd, ASPC, she is our only early foal. The rest should arrive in April. She has a half sibling that lives in the UK now with Sharon Matthewman, another half sibling who was POY, Rock the Dice, and her full sibling from last year will be on our show string...
  2. minih

    Foundation Bred Ponies

    I was thinking on this subject after posting and we got our start into ponies with a foundation mare who we have since HOF in both AMHR and ASPC as a foundation. We fell in love then and haven't stop with the ponies since. Here is Estrellita~ our first pony love.
  3. minih

    Foundation Bred Ponies

    We love our foundation horses and have been showing them for several years. Continuing to buy, breed and sale more of them.
  4. minih

    How to lead/ pony/ dally a mini from a full size horse?

    I don't have a good idea to help you but I do know a bad idea when I hear one, I would not tie a mini to big horses tail no matter how calm the horse is.
  5. minih

    Today has finally arrived, asking for prayers

    Carolyn I just saw this thread, I don't get on LB as often as I used to, and reading it is a roller coaster I can only imagine what you went thru! So very glad everything is going well and he is on the mend.
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  9. minih

    We have met the enemy...

    I agree Jean and try to do that, but beware it doesn't always work in your favor. I had a lady call me this past weekend looking for a mini for her two young children, ages 4 and 7. She had found my number by searching on the internet and found my website, so called to ask about mini's. I told...
  10. minih

    People Who Will Remain Anonymous...but are annoying

    Who ever invented the Bra! Hate them Me too!
  11. minih

    Marriage Proposals

    Congratulations to the both of you!
  12. minih

    Alright!! Let it out!! Famous people you just can't stand!!!

    I think this is the one on Idol? I really think she is weird. Do not care for her at all.
  13. minih

    Favorite Coat Colors

    Correct, but it should have a good shine and healthy color on the coat. Not from sprays but from good feed and nutrition.
  14. minih

    LB Leprechaun game!!!

  15. minih

    Favorite Coat Colors

    My favorite used to be white/gray (nothing prettier than a solid white/gray running liberty in the arena), but any more my favorite color is the one I'm looking at or clipping at the moment. I am not really fond of the real dilutes like a pale palimino or cremello's but get me to groom one and...
  16. minih

    LB Leprechaun game!!!

  17. minih

    LB Leprechaun game!!!

  18. minih

    Post and share your 2013 foals!

    Mini h Loco Dinero and his mom SMHC's Gob of Money, his sire is our stallion, Curry's Poco Diablo! His ASPC/AMHR, Foundation and futurity nominated. First time outside!
  19. minih

    Betta Fish Advice

    I have a beta in with several different colors of tetra, the little white catfish to clean the bottom and an algae sucker fish. Have had them in together for a couple of years, altho my other Beta died of old age and this new one is about a year old, maybe a little more.
  20. minih

    Sweetwaters Miss Liberty

    Also remember to send a self addressed and stamped return envelope, people a lot of times do not like lifting a finger to do anything but if you have it so easy to do they might...... Sorry just reread and saw this was mentioned already.