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  1. Marsha Cassada

    Does anyone know this guy?

    I believe i have met him. He has show experience. You could check with amha.
  2. Marsha Cassada


    Did he check all the way in the back for points? Miniatures can be quite difficult to work on.
  3. Marsha Cassada

    Driving bit suggestions

    None of mine liked the mullen. But many horses really like the mullen. I need to pass it on. I should put mine on the sale page. But hate to give up one of my bit collection...
  4. Marsha Cassada

    Driving bit suggestions

    I've always liked french link for mine. But my new mare didn't work well with it. I called Iowa Carriage and talked with someone there. She suggested the french link had too much movement for my mare and recommended a butterfly arch. It works very well for her; she seems happy with it. I had...
  5. Marsha Cassada

    Howdy from Indiana

    Welcome from Oklahoma! If you get into driving, hope you will visit the driving forum.
  6. Marsha Cassada

    Your Drive Day

    More like an aneurysm, I think. I just need to be careful around rowdy Dapper Dan so I don't bump it. eek.
  7. Marsha Cassada

    Crafting for minis or other animals?

    That is stunning. The breast and crupper really give it extra class! Good job!
  8. Marsha Cassada

    Your Drive Day

    No driving for me for a while. I was doing some hand sewing today and my hand got stiff. I looked and there is a giant lump on the top of my hand. Popped up just like that. Went to dr and it is a giant hematoma. Will take at least 2 weeks to heal. Guess I was lucky it didn't happen in my...
  9. Marsha Cassada

    Drive Me Buggy 2020 Hours

    Well, his mom is exceptional! Hard to believe he is getting that old.
  10. Marsha Cassada

    Drive Me Buggy 2020 Hours

    50 minutes driving Dapper Dan. I am so happy the weather is cooler! We can get out and about more.
  11. Marsha Cassada

    Re-doing Pasture

    T posts are pretty easy, though you do need two tools: a pounder and a puller. But I like the idea of the rebar with pvc.
  12. Marsha Cassada

    Your Drive Day

    When I pony, I cross tie, a lead attached to each side of the seat, so she cannot get up beside the wheel. I've tried holding the lead and that doesn't work. Just go slow at first until she gets the hang of it. This is assuming that your mare is an experienced driving horse. Added a photo of...
  13. Marsha Cassada


    Have not seen a bobcat lately. Saw coyote tracks around the pen and corral.
  14. Marsha Cassada

    Your Drive Day

    My sister came out with Jackie O to drive today. After 2 miles, Jackie was pretty tired and already sweaty. We had to walk alot and my sister even got out for a half mile or so. Jackie doesn't drive very often, and she is older. Plus the humidity was up. It did not hurt Midnight to walk most...
  15. Marsha Cassada

    Drive Me Buggy 2020 Hours

    2 hours 45 minutes for Midnight, hitched today. Oh dear, that's 165 minutes.
  16. Marsha Cassada

    Harnesses for A sized minis

    If you only need a good bridle, and the rest works fine for you, then I would invest in a good quality bridle and continue using the harness. A nice fitting bridle and quality bit will go a long way in driving pleasure.
  17. Marsha Cassada

    My little Pony has come a long way!

    Skeleton time again! Your pretty ponies are having a lot of fun with him. Love the mattress work. I introduced mine to one a long time ago; need to practice that again.
  18. Marsha Cassada


    The girls taking a break from grasshopper patrol.
  19. Marsha Cassada


    My beans are still going strong. It is not a variety I like, however, so I did not save the rest of the seeds and I'm not saving seeds from these. The variety said they are yard longs, but are sort of like a pole black eyed pea. Not as tender as my favorite yard longs. The vines are so strong...
  20. Marsha Cassada

    Your Drive Day

    My son, a certified arborist, said this would happen in California. There is a beetle killing trees and all those dying trees are fire danger. Poor management of forests. It is a difficult situation, managing those areas with so many homes, tourists and towns now. And corporations and...