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  1. secuono

    A sidepull noseband or bitless bridle for minis??

    There doesn't seem to be a tack section here, so asking in this area. I'm looking around for adjustable noseband or bridle that is a sidepull/bitless style. Not micro tiny mini sized, nor borderline pony sized. Thus, I want it to be adjustable or come in many sizes to fit perfectly. Similar...
  2. secuono

    Anyone go hiking with their minis?

    I am creating a crittermobile & want to start taking mine out on the trails. Already reached out on FB to try and find others. Might make a FB group for it for my area, Virginia. Wondering if anyone here does it?
  3. secuono

    Paddock Paradise Track System, Pictures!

    Hello, all! I was against this at first, but sometime in spring 2016, I think, I jumped into the deep end head on! And haven't regretted it one bit! Please add in your pictures, if you have tried this. Here are some pictures of the original track on our farm property. We since bought the...
  4. secuono

    Which size does he need?

    Looking for the right harness for my 13.2h pony. Also looking for a one person cart for him. We have hills, so no dainty, show, frail types of carts will work.  I'm not sure what size he translates to nor what size cart to look for. With his really low neck tie-in, he'll need a shaped...
  5. secuono

    Little more cart help, please!

    Where do the straps for the breeching go on this cart?? There is a small loop on each shaft, but if those aren't for breeching, then idk where to attach them. And those loops are too far away, by a few inches.
  6. secuono

    Hock issues

    Mini started this recently, not as bad when walking on her own. So what is this horse's issue, what causes this? Can it be cured, lessened or just a maintenance thing? Can these horses be used at all or just be pets? Is carting less or more strain than ridden for this issue?
  7. secuono

    Help figuring out harness & cart specs??

    My 2 minis are 36in. Might grow a hair. Are there tips on how to pick out it all??
  8. secuono

    A mini blog for the mini demons! ♡

    It'll be a bit out of order, as this first post will be of Kasia's & my first ground driving session! It went surprisingly well! Also been months since I've lunged her on a lead, or at all. And we only practiced on the line all of 3-4 times, weeks apart. These are smart girls!! Anywho, first...
  9. secuono

    I need a new neighbor!

    Neighbor has his place for sale. As a bonus, I have a new hay guy & he makes 50# hay bales! So you'll have 2nd dibs on hay 2-3x a year! There is an inground pool with privacy fence. A level area that was an arena. Four or 5 pastures. Huge metal workshop. Large garage with leanto. Large barn...
  10. secuono

    Solar water tanks for minis??

    Anyone make one for minis? I have a 100gal and my minis can use it as long as there is 50% or more water in it. But if I add a cover and a square opening, they may not be able to reach anymore. If I place the hole by the wall, they still may not want to stick their heads into this weird box...
  11. secuono

    Trailer info needed, stall sizing!

    Sooooo, we just got our first horse trailer! It has no center divider. I have a 13.2h horse and two minis. Inside width and to the chest bar is 6ft x 7ft. With 2ft from bar to wall for their heads and possible future handmade tack storage boxes. How much length x width does a mini need? How...
  12. secuono

    Driving trainers in Virginia?

    Does anyone know of any miniature horse driving trainers in Virginia that they would recommend?
  13. secuono

    Mini teaching started

    Started teaching the mini to accept a girth and to stay put. She follows me around like she's glued to my hip, so finally decided she should learn to not follow when asked.
  14. secuono


    BEWARE CREEPING INDIGO!! It is highly dangerous for horses, also poisonous to other herbivores or plant eaters. Cattle, sheep, rabbits, goats, guinea pigs, and fowl have also been poisoned by this plant. Most commonly found in Florida. http://www.ninaswarriors.com/...
  15. secuono

    Pictures from around the farm, 2015

    A ton has happened since my last posting. We had 8 lambs born, traded rams, bought in an ewe and her ewe lamb, bought a Cheviot ewe, keeping a ram lamb, keeping 1-2 ewe lambs, got a 2nd LGD! Spring sprung! Pond has flourished, got 2 new fantail goldfish for the pond for next year. Did a ton of...
  16. secuono

    Snow, snow and more....snow!!

    Snowing again! =D And Kasia remembers the snow shovel! She tried to help out again. Last picture is from last year.
  17. secuono

    Is "silver black" still the right color?

    I found more pictures of mini Słodki. These are same day born pics, 8hrs old, 4mo and then some older and from a few days ago. I'll add spring pictures when she sheds out. Do you guys still think she is silver black, now that you can see what she looked like right after being born? Mom is...
  18. secuono

    My little Pony has come a long way!

    Did the math, used an online converter to be sure of height in hands. Grey mare is 15H, gelding in this video is 12.2H, pinto mini Kasia is 9H & silver mini Słodki is so far 7.3H. This is my crazy, unhanded, once dangerous pony! When I first got him, he was scared of everyone, everything and...
  19. secuono

    Just new pictures, grass is all gone, too

    Found one of my 3 hoof knives and finished trimming everyone's feet. I'm going to feel it tomorrow! =0
  20. secuono

    How to start...

    Hello, all! It's been awhile! My Kasia is turning into a really strong looking mini, and her winter woollies are coming in, too! I'm really thinking I need to try to start teaching her something so we can eventually buy and train to a cart! She's very dead broke, you could implode next to her...