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  1. palsminihorses

    PALS Miniatures 2013 Foals Due***Perfect Foaled A Filly 4/25***Chrissy Foaled 4/26***Updated Picture

    Okay, I finally got some decent (for me) pictures of my three mares that are due to foal. All mares are bred to our snowcap appaloosa stallion, Iles Smokin Aces. The first mare is Maple Hollows Perfect Echo, a solid buckskin mare we purchased from Melinda's mom. She is at 311 days today...
  2. palsminihorses

    PALS Miniatures Foaling Thread *** Updated Pictures 5/21***

    Hello, I've been lurking on here for awhile now. I finally posted on Mountain Woman's thread, and Renee encouraged me to 'jump in.' I do have cameras, but I'm sorry that I'm not on Marestare for you all to watch. So I'll just have to try to keep you updated with pictures. The first mare due...
  3. palsminihorses

    NaKar Auction?

    Just wondering if anyone purchased a new horse from the NaKar auction? I actually bid on a mare, but I didn't get her. Please share your news. Pam
  4. palsminihorses

    PALS Miniatures Announces

    Guess it's my turn to announce the safe arrival of our first two fillies. We are extremely pleased with the quality and color that our new stallion, Iles Smokin Aces, is producing. These are his first foals. PALS Smokin Hot Pia (American Idol Fans will understand her name) is out of a solid...
  5. palsminihorses

    Who Sharpens Laube Speed Feed Blades?

    I love my Laube Speed Feed clippers, but I'm having trouble finding someone who will sharpen the blades. I've just been buying new blades, but now I have a lot of them that could be used if I could get them sharpened. Pam
  6. palsminihorses

    After Losing Mucous Plug

    I'm wondering what other breeder's experiences have been. My maiden mare lost her mucous plug last Thursday (15th) morning. It is now Monday (19th), and still no foal! She is at 339 days! I've never, personally, had a mini mare carry a foal for this long. But I know that several of you...
  7. palsminihorses

    Shipping A New Foal With the Mare

    I have a buyer for one of our mares that is due to foal July 2nd. The mare is staying here to foal out before being shipped by a commercial hauler. The mare and foal would be traveling nearly 1,500 miles. What is the earliest age that any of you have shipped a mare with her foal? I should...
  8. palsminihorses

    Anyone Going To The Show in Tunica, MS?

    Just wondering if anyone on here is going to the Sam's Town Showdown AMHR Show in Tunica, MS in August? The show booklet said that we could get 1/2 price rooms at Sam's Town, but when I called, Sam's Town gave me a price of $99/night. I looked up the regular price of the rooms for August...