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  1. charlottein

    Harnesses for A sized minis

    Hello, Wondering if anyone has suggestions for brands of harness that are $200 or less ideally for A sized mini? I have a generic 'mini' sized one I am using now, and have punched enough holes in to fit, but the browband sticks out a ton and does not fit well. I do not show, just pleasure drive...
  2. charlottein

    Mixed size teams?

    So I am predicting our new filly is going to be bigger by at least 2-3 inches from our gelding. I am thinking I will someday want to drive them as a team. I know it will be fine, but I am curious to what this kind of difference looks like, and if there are any issues? She is just a weanling so I...
  3. charlottein

    What's your favorite weanling feed?

    What feed do you prefer for your weanlings in addition to hay, why, and how long do you feed it?
  4. charlottein

    Slow feeder users updates?

    So I have read a lot on slow feeders including the threads here. I really would like an update on those of you who have used them. Are you still using them? Are you happy with them? How have they held up and what type do you use? If you have tried multiple types what do you like best? I have...
  5. charlottein

    Conformation Critique Please

    So I did not get any responses of conformation critique last time, so I took some new pics. Please tell me what you see! He is starting to get fuzzy so I trimmed his face and neck a bit but did a bad job. This is my silver dapple gelding Bondes Bouncin B Glorious Chaos:
  6. charlottein

    Conformation Critique and Need Advice

    I was trying to get some photos for Chaos' transfer paperwork. Man that is harder than I thought. Any tips? Every time I try to get out of the picture he follows. I used treats to get him to move his head, but could not get him to prick his ears. Tried to square him up but he would not stay...
  7. charlottein

    Here's Chaos!

    My first mini arrived today! He is Bondes Bouncin B Glorious Chaos! He is 31" and 5 years old. He settled in to sample some weeds straight away, hehe! He has Gold Melody Boy and Orion Light Vant Huttenest in his pedigree. I will get better pictures later of course! He has some lacing on his...
  8. charlottein

    Transferring Paperwork

    Okay so I figure you guys could give me the easiest step by step to what I need to transfer my gelding's AMHA and AMHR paperwork as he is arriving on Thursday. I made sure the paperwork was in the seller's name and was as correct as I can judge. I need a bill of sale right? Can anyone give me...
  9. charlottein

    Show me your buckskins with white markings!

    My dream horse is a buckskin with a white face and one stocking and blue eyes. Even better with some dun striping! So I would love to see your beautiful buckskins with white marking, or buckskin pintos!
  10. charlottein

    Cart size question

    A cart just came up not too far from me for a great deal and I wanted an opinion. The guy did not know how to measure them - and neither do I as I have not learned to drive yet. He thinks the shafts might be 51 inches. Would I be able to use that for my 31inch mini? I do not have him yet so I...
  11. charlottein

    Good and bad neck set pictures?

    I am doing pretty well on picking up on the different more desirable conformation points, but I am having trouble with the neck set. Can you post some comparison pictures to show me some good and bad ones please?
  12. charlottein

    How much hay do you keep around per mini?

    Hi, I am preparing for the arrival of my mini, and wondering how much hay I should buy and keep on hand at a time? He is 31" and the breeder said he eats a flake a day. Not sure how many flakes in a bale to calculate how many bales per month and how many months I should keep stocked since I know...
  13. charlottein

    Just bought my first mini!

    Drove a long way to meet him, and he will be coming home in July! He is a double registered silver dapple gelding, 4 years old. There was a filly that the breeder was selling as well that I liked the look of even more, but Chaos had the better personality. I can't wait to start trick training...
  14. charlottein

    Going to watch first show - advice

    I am going to watch my first mini show at the end of this month up in Estes Park, CO. I want to talk to people about minis and get advice from the locals, but I do not want to bother them either as from my jumper show experience I know that those shows at least were busy busy when you were not...
  15. charlottein

    Show options for unregistered horses?

    I am looking for a larger mini to drive and as a pet and for my child (she is just a baby so not for a couple years). I do want to be able to show just for fun in case my daughter wants to or if I want to. I will not be breeding. I have seen a couple unregistered minis that seem like they would...