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  1. Lori


    Thank you so much!!! I'm actually going to use it on my mini Xmas tree and then I can wear it later. Thanks again!!!
  2. Lori


    Thanks! I didn't realize she didn't have her cowboy hat on who took the picture. It made her outfit. And he got scared a couple times by the wind blowing the house so we called him a "Spook House"!!!
  3. Lori


    A ghost and her haunted house!
  4. Lori


    This was this years costume. Keebler Elf and "Mini Fudge Stripe Cookies".
  5. Lori

    Agressive foal

    Had a late foal last Saturday. Was slow to nurse and had to bottle feed a few times before he finially latched on. He has been fine since, except he is very aggressive with me. He try's to bite and has since the 2nd day. He will be gelded in spring as soon as he drops. He is ok if I scratch...
  6. Lori

    5th annual Hoosier Spring Fling May 12

    The Hoosier Spring Fling will be here soon. This will be our 2nd year at this facility. Everyone loved it last year. More information can be found at www.ImecNews.com but here are the basics. May 12 Hendricks county fairgrounds, Danville, IN Judges are Jim Vernon (2012 national judge) Gary...
  7. Lori

    4th Annual Hoosier Spring

    New location this year for the Hoosier Spring Fling. It's at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds in Danville, IN. It's a great facility. Show information can be found at ImecNews.com
  8. Lori

    Hoosier Spring Fling May 22 & 23

    The 3rd annual Hoosier Spring Fling is quickly approaching. We've extended the show to 2 days/ 2 shows / 6 judges. Hopefully this will help people with travel expenses so they can get more for their money. We've had a great response so far and are anticipating a large turnout. Show...
  9. Lori

    Hoosier Spring Fling Premium Available

    Information for the Hoosier Spring Fling is now available at ImecNews.com This is 2 shows. The same class list will be run each day. Hopefully this will help with travel costs and people will be able to get more for their money. There will be 3 judges each day, allowing for points under 6...
  10. Lori

    Hoosier Spring Fling *Judge Change*

    I didn't know that in 2008 they had a rule change that you couldn't have 2 National Judges at the same show. Sooooooo.......I had to make some changes. Roger Daulton is coming instead of Gary Edds. Gary was very understanding and great to work with. He will be the first one I call for next...
  11. Lori

    Indiana Miniature Equine Club / Hoosier Spring Fling

    I hope you can make it too. We will get our flyers out this week, but it will be similiar to our past shows. High Point Youth, under and over High Point Amateur, under and over Champion of Champion Rosette ribbons 18" grand and resevere ribbons plus something special. Last year were...
  12. Lori

    Indiana Miniature Equine Club / Hoosier Spring Fling

    contracts are still out but are confirmed with Gary Edds, Amber Montgomery and Vivian Galloway-Sparks. Steward will be determined soon.
  13. Lori

    Indiana Miniature Equine Club / Hoosier Spring Fling

    Unfortunetly neither clubs were aware of the others plans for this weekend and when we did find out, deposits had been made and judges hired, ect. Too many things to be changed at this point, so we'll just have to go with it. Neither club wants to take away from the other. This was the only...
  14. Lori

    Indiana Miniature Equine Club / Hoosier Spring Fling

    Just wanted to send out an update on the show our club hosts in the spring. It's the Hoosier Spring Fling and has been in April the past 2 years. We had the opportunity to move the date to May. We have been fortunate with the weather for the most part, but it has been chilly and damp...
  15. Lori

    Help me out, what's going on

    Costco has a 4 camera security system with a DVR that you can record with. I'd get the idiots recorded so you can prove they were there. It's only $299 right now thru mid Oct. I think. We love ours. It has 2 wide view and 2 regular views with infra red. You can see great at night. We watch...
  16. Lori

    Lost 2 1/2 year old filly this week

    I lost a 2 1/2 year old this week. She was born Christmas Day 2006 and was really special. Her name was Jingle Belle. Last year I had trouble getting weight on her and she would go on and off her grain. Always cleaned up her hay. Had a complete blood panel done on her last fall and...
  17. Lori

    Anyone going to Hoosier Spring Fling April 18 ?

    The extended forcast looks good so far. Mid 60's and clear. Hope everyone has a safe trip. Lori
  18. Lori

    Hoosier Spring Fling Classes Added

    I just wanted to let everyone know that Western Country Pleasure Stakes class for under and over has been added to our class list. Please disregard any copies prior to today. There should be a class 100 A and 101 A. This will be posted at the show as well so hopefully there won't be any...
  19. Lori

    stakes classes..

    The stakes classes at the Hoosier Spring Fling are all payback. We have that listed on our show premium. Not sure about other shows, but ours will be payback. We didn't last year, only because it was our first show and was hoping to just pay for the show itself. This year, all entry $ into...
  20. Lori

    Hoosier Spring Fling-Sanctioned AMHR show

    The Hoosier Spring Fling has been approved by AMHR and the class list, entry forms and show information is available on the Indiana Miniature Equine Club's website. Follow the link below and click on the AMHR show tab. Or you can email me at mtf@mtfminis.com IMEC website