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  1. lvponies


    Happy Friday all! I have been offered square bales that are a mix of alfalfa & orchard grass. I have never fed my minis alfalfa before and seem to remember past discussions saying that the protein level in alfalfa may be an issue with minis. I would appreciate any information/experience you...
  2. lvponies

    Pineapple Dish Recipe??

    Several years ago, someone, sorry can't remember who, posted a recipe for a pineapple dish. I remember it was cooked in a 13X9 pan and served with whip cream. I lost the recipe when moving from one laptop to another. Does anyone still have the recipe? I remember it was delicious!! Thanks!!
  3. lvponies

    Good News Friday!!!

    Great Friday for me!! 1st.......Had a filly born early this morning. Dad is Poes Petite Pretender (Max), Mom is Erica's Definitely A Diva. Max has sired 6 colts so far and this little girl is his first daughter. No pix yet which is why I didn't post this news on the main page. The filly is...
  4. lvponies

    Question...Can anyone tell me how to find out where

    I've seen comments on here before where folks have said that they could somehow tell from an email's IP address where the email originiated from. Can someone please share with me how this is done and how I could do it myself? Thanks!!
  5. lvponies

    Have to share a Yummy recipe!!

    Tim made dinner for us last night and it included a wonderful desert!! It's an upside down cake, but so easy and yummy. 13X9 pan Spread 2 cans of canned apples evenly across the bottom Sprinkle apples with cinnamon Top apples with 1 box of white cake mix Put pats of butter all across top...
  6. lvponies

    Online Dating Services

    Living on a farm and working from home doesn't give me much opportunity to meet many people. My daughter says my only chance to meet men is at Walmart!!! Did they add a lonely hearts section?? Anyway....not looking for love or a long term relationship at this point, would really just like...
  7. lvponies

    Removing Wall Paper Border

    I saw the recent thread about removing wall paper glue. How do you remove the border? I tried spraying with vinegar & water, but it just dried?? Now my bathroom smells like vinegar!! Can anyone give me step by step directions or hints to removing this border? I want to paint my bathroom but...
  8. lvponies

    New Pix of my 2 colts born this week!

    I cannot begin to tell you how these little guys have filled me with a joy and happiness that I haven't felt in months!! I just love, love, love watching them run, buck and play when they are let out of their stalls in the mornings. Thanks for looking!!
  9. lvponies

    2nd Foal for Mtn Spring Minis!!

    Poes Petite Pretender and Erica's Fight For Freedom are proud to introduce their first foal. Freedom is my bay pintaloosa mare. She's lost her first 2 babies (through no fault of her own) and is in foal for the first time to Max, my black pinto. She has a bag, but not totally full yet and was...
  10. lvponies

    First 08 Foal for Mountain Spring Miniatures!!!

    Poes Petite Pretender and MRF Designs Painted Raven are proud to introduce their first foal.....a black pinto colt born on 3/24 at 11:40 AM. What a morning!! Went down to check on Raven at 11:30 yesterday morning before I got on a call for work at 12:00. She's standing in an open stall with 2...
  11. lvponies

    Update on hubby & me

    Well....Things have dramatically changed around here. Allen was going to stay til spring to help get repairs done around here and to save money to rent his own place. We were cordial to each other, but he slept in his room and I slept in my older daughter's room. Pretty much like ships passing...
  12. lvponies

    Don't forget.....

    Survivor starts tonight at 8:00 ET.
  13. lvponies

    This is going to be personal, but I have no one

    I have no friends. I've worked from home for the last almost 10 years and I have no people close to me to talk to. My mother has passed away, so don't have her either. So, wonderful forum members, my only family, I am coming to you with my troubles. So.......my husband of 17.5 years has told...
  14. lvponies

    Dog Question-My JRT is sick!

    First of all, have an appt with his vet at 1:00 today. I'm scared and don't know what is wrong with Auggie dog. He's a 4 year old JRT. Always been healthy. Over the last week, he started chewing on the base of his tail until it was bald. I have been treating it with various...
  15. lvponies

    This made me cry!!

    This made me cry!! > In September 1960, I woke up one morning with six hungry babies and > just 75 cents in my pocket. > Their father was gone. > > The boys ranged from three months to seven years; their sister was two. > > Their Dad had never been much more than a presence they feared. > >...
  16. lvponies

    Please look at the beautiful sign I had done

    A wonderful artist in PA took a picture I sent her of my mare Raven and painted me this wonderful sign. Here's the picture I sent: And here's the wonderful sign she painted for me: I am just thrilled with it and can't wait to get it!!!
  17. lvponies

    I would like to introduce you to a Wonderful Horse Artist!!!

    Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor has been selling beautiful hand painted horse signs on Ebay since 1999. Current Ebay Listings I have a couple of her pieces and they are just wonderful!! She recently did a Christmas mini horse sign that I really wanted but was outbid on. She was nice enough to...
  18. lvponies

    Pix of my new colt!!

    I bought this colt at the Greencastle Mini Auction on 10/27. He is a 6 month old palomino colt who measures 31.5" with long feet. I swear I could take the world's worst pictures of the world's most beautiful horse!! Just can't manage to take a decent picture of any horse!! Reeces ZJB Gold...
  19. lvponies

    Text Size. Need Help.

    I know this has been asked before, so I searched the forum before asking this question and nothing is working. The text size on the posts is tiny today and I am having trouble reading it. I tried View/Text Size and selected Larger & Largest and the banners and writing at the top/bottom change...
  20. lvponies

    How to you block a poster? Or can you?

    I love reading different people's points of view, but here lately it seems like there are some posters who just want to argue on every post they post on. I know I could just not read their posts, but can't seem to stop myself. : When I read another post of them arguing over something that...