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  1. Minimor

    Gestation period

    I start watching them after 295 days. I have had them foal at 297, 305, 310 up to 330. I do not have many that went as long as 330, and I figure "due date" at 320.
  2. Minimor

    Frey Cart question

    When we ordered ours there were no delays at all. We had the cart in less than a month (actually I think it was only 2 weeks or justvunder) from when we ordered. It was very quick.
  3. Minimor

    Re: Covid and Grief...

    I'm so sorry Mary Ann
  4. Minimor

    Australia's wildfires

    Terrible fires, and they have been burning so long already, with no end in sight. I just can't imagine living there and having animals to worry about. Even before the fires got so bad, the drought was killing so much livestock.
  5. Minimor

    Mini mare bullied by goat

    I would agree with the others--separate them. Your mare will be happier alone. It's not fair for her to have to be fearful all the time she is out with the goats
  6. Minimor

    Contacting Prior Owners

    Is he registered? AMHA Or AMHR? You can look up show wins for AMHR (assuming he won any Stakes classes--other placings would show up in a show record, which you have to pay for)
  7. Minimor

    Help with Shetland pony pricing

    Colt--just a 2019 colt? Halter broke? Quality? Registered? Pedigree? How urgently do you need to sell? These things all factor in to determine purchase price.
  8. Minimor

    Contacting Prior Owners

    Yes I have, in a few cases. 1--did not remember the mare at all. That was weird to me but people tell me that if I know the lady I would understand. I think she has had a lot of horses and she has hired help. 2--did not really understand why I was contacting him, and he really did not remember...
  9. Minimor

    Feeding Hay

    I too am used to having hay I front of them 24/7. I have Shetlands and minis. My pasture group is a mix of the 2 and they have free choice round bales. The horses in the yard are not accessible by tractor so cannot have bales set out. I hand feed them 2 times a day, and they get enough that...
  10. Minimor

    Suspension on carts

    The very best cart I have ever seen was one made in Europe in the 90s. It was called the Gazelle. It was not legal for CDE (because of the design--it could do things and go places that no other cart could) and I assume that is why it did not go over as big as it should have, and why it is no...
  11. Minimor

    Gift Exchange

    Usually the group agrees on a maximum amount to spend on the gift. You might then have a hint thread, where you can post a hint for your secret Santa, to give some idea of something you would like or need. Or the secret santa can just use the gift amount guideline and the gift suggestion...
  12. Minimor

    Learning about harness

    You are so right--i generally avoid taking advice from anyone who has something to sell. They are often biased for sure. It would not be so bad if they simply explained the benefits of their products, but when they also run down their competition...I steer clear. I find that sort of...
  13. Minimor

    Is there something missing from this cart?

    $300 is a decent price IF the cart fits right. If you have to get into modifying too many things, then it is too much. Putting on new wheels, single tree and seat back.is one thing--my concern is the proportion of the basket. I do not see this cart body fitting a mini. For reference here is...
  14. Minimor

    Is there something missing from this cart?

    The single tree is 1) too wide 2) broken on one end. The wheels are not cart tires. They will not pull as nicely as cart tires and I wouldn't expect them to hold up as we as actual cart tires. It seems to me that if you put regular cart tires on this cart it would make it much too high for a...
  15. Minimor

    Anyone seen this video of the Boomer Schooner?

    The wheels all appear to be turning. Certainly the horses began their tight turn before any wheel locked up and forced a sharp turn--whcih I do not believe happened at all. With no guidance, the horses just decided to cut their run short and doubled back. Had the driver actually been driving...
  16. Minimor

    Anyone seen this video of the Boomer Schooner?

    Driver did not have a clue. I think someone told him to sit there and hang onto the lines--and that is all he knew about driving.
  17. Minimor

    A trend I'm questioning...

    I kiss my horses' noses all the time--theside of the muzzle where there is no hair, really, and the skin is nice and soft. I know which ones not to kiss because they might bite or jerk their head and pop me in the teeth. I am aware of the dangers of getting bit, but am not too worried with my...
  18. Minimor

    Want to learn to drive minis in Minnesota - any suggestions?

    2 names: Bunke's are in Winona. Carrie Rudeen is in Randolph. I can hunt up contact info if you'd like. I don't know them but we have mutual friends.
  19. Minimor


    It is gaining strength again--back up to a Cat. 3 this morning, and set to wreak havoc on the east coast, though it missed Florida. I hope everyone can stay safe!