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  1. Ryan Johnson

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome to the forum :)
  2. Ryan Johnson

    How much do minis cost yearly?

    I dont have much else to add other than do yourself a massive favour and get a vet check done. Spending money getting a vet check done may save you a lot of money in the long run.
  3. Ryan Johnson

    Preggers or Fat????

    There used to be quite a few that bred Donkeys on here a few years back. They always seemed to carry much longer than 11 months. Good Luck Holly , you are going to be exhausted by the time this summer is over :)
  4. Ryan Johnson

    Preggers or Fat????

    Can you grab a pic standing from behind her ? Any udder development ? From the above pics she looks Pregnant to me :)
  5. Ryan Johnson

    Advise please on older broodmare

    Yep I reckon she’s definitely making good progress . She sure is keeping you waiting , but it’s so hard when you don’t know her history . When you are standing behind her , are her sides still sticking out ? . From that side on pic she does look like she is starting to drop .
  6. Ryan Johnson

    Pregnant mare/foaling questing from new mini owner

    Now that you have said it, she probably will foal then. hhahahahaha Has she been rolling heaps ? And are you noticing any behavioural changes ?
  7. Ryan Johnson

    My Mare is Possibly Pregnant.

    How is your mare coming along? has there been any other changes ?
  8. Ryan Johnson

    My Mare is Possibly Pregnant.

    I am glad you had a great time here, hope you got your camera back ? Were you down at Phillip Island for the Penguins ? Thats about an hours drive from me.
  9. Ryan Johnson

    Pregnant mare/foaling questing from new mini owner

    Shes looking really good, I think her udder will fill a little more ( watch for the centre line to disappear and her nipples to point down as it fills) wishing you a safe foaling :)
  10. Ryan Johnson

    My Mare is Possibly Pregnant.

    She very well could be pregnant and treating her as if she is, is the best thing to do. As you said her previous owner may have missed a later covering, so maybe shes just alot further behind than thought. We dont have coyotes here, but my neighbour does have Llamas in with his sheep and lambs...
  11. Ryan Johnson


    I found one in my front paddock up by the road a couple of years ago, I put him in the lake ( maybe I shouldnt have ). Maybe thats also why im not seeing many fish jumping about !
  12. Ryan Johnson

    My Mare is Possibly Pregnant.

    Do you have any idea when she may have been possibly bred ? From the pictures at the start of your thread to the latest ones, I don't see a great deal of change. For a mare that has had two previous foals, she should be much wider, unless she was bred at the end of last breeding season. ?? Dont...
  13. Ryan Johnson


    Biggest lesson I have learnt from having minis is "the smaller" the yard , the better !! Minis get very fat, very quickly and to have that smaller space to be able to lock them up is a godsend. It also comes in handy when the farrier is due, dentist etc. I have around 1 acre solely for the...
  14. Ryan Johnson

    Hello All

    Welcome to the forum Trudi :)
  15. Ryan Johnson


    Sounds like things are starting to warm up for some gardening weather Marsha !! Sending good tomato wishes your way :) This year for me was really good, so hoping it is for you too ! 45 Turtles is alot, I take it they like breeding in your pond !
  16. Ryan Johnson

    Mares with geldings

    Ive never had an issue either, though I have found my mares to be more bossy of the geldings.
  17. Ryan Johnson

    Pregnant mare/foaling questing from new mini owner

    Soft manure is often one of the last signs she is getting close. She has definitely "V' 'd more in this pic. Not long now :)
  18. Ryan Johnson

    Planting grass?

    We used a cattle blend of seed when we did our place over 10 years ago.