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  1. HersheyMint


    What a fun day Your laugh is infectious 🥤
  2. HersheyMint

    Walking/Hiking in 2023

    6/8 Walked Mint for 2 miles, one hour.
  3. HersheyMint

    Walking/Hiking in 2023

    6/7 Worked with Kingsley on lunging and then took a 35 minute, 1.25mile walk.
  4. HersheyMint

    How is everyone handling the smoke?

    That is rough. I hope it clears soon for you
  5. HersheyMint

    Walking/Hiking in 2023

    6/5 I walked Mint for 40 minutes, 1.75 miles🌥️
  6. HersheyMint


    Welcome, If you get one, get two. They are like chips, you can't just have one🤣
  7. HersheyMint

    Has Anyone Switched From Riding Horses to Minis?

    Hello and welcome, Yes I did. I've had big horses forever. My area was being encroach by the city, which took away my riding range. So, when my two passed from old age, I thought my horse days were over. I was introduced to minis 4 years ago I was hooked and my horse fix was satisfied. I love...
  8. HersheyMint


    He still could be missing Dapper Dan too. Maybe not himself since Dapper Dan.☹️
  9. HersheyMint

    Edelweiss Training Journal

    The difference between winter and spring is amazingly beautiful ❣️
  10. HersheyMint


    I never get tried of seeing your adventures! Love the pic of Holly wanting some of your lunch😊 Nice braids on Bentley too🙂
  11. HersheyMint

    Hello from Mass!

    How wonderful that his has a home with you. The pictures show how special he is and I think he knows it. 🥰 Glad you are on this forum. Looking forward to hear about Marty's progress.
  12. HersheyMint

    Jeffrey’s update.

    I tried lunging Jeffrey for the first time today. I think some time in his past he has done this before. Good for me😁 We just walked for about 5 minutes but I’m so pleased with him. I also tried picking up his front hoof. A lot more work to do with that. Ended with lots of love, scratches and...
  13. HersheyMint

    Bentley’s Training

    I started with buckets of water, one with soap and one for rinse water to get them use to the bath and being wet. You can think of using warm water. That may help. When I can use the hose I always start at there their feet.
  14. HersheyMint

    Is my mini donkey pregnant?

    Hi, Did your donkey have a foal?
  15. HersheyMint

    Bentley’s Training

    He has come so far being with you. It's hard to believe he was a biter and a pacer. He has found his happy place with you. You have turned him into a lover boy ❣️ 🥰
  16. HersheyMint


    Love the pic❤️
  17. HersheyMint

    Observing Memorial Day

    I agree, the stars look wonderful. I can't get stars to look that good on paper🤣 and can't imagine if I did it on fur.:oops: You'll be the stars of the parade🥰
  18. HersheyMint

    First Knight's Crimson Crown

    Congratulations to you. He is very pretty. What is his barn name?
  19. HersheyMint

    Jeffrey’s update.

    🥰Thank you. This is a learning experience for both of us and I sure do appreciate that I can ask you for info. If only Phillippe could talk to Jeffrey and take a few lessons from him.🤣
  20. HersheyMint

    Rosie's Training Journal

    Sounds like a fun day. I'm glad all went good with the obstacles. She is such a good girl. Cute pics ❣️