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  1. R2RStables

    What kind of stalls would you get?

    We purchased two pre-made row barns. Our plan is to build a roof between the two and close off the ends (add Dutch doors) to function as a “real” barn. 😁
  2. R2RStables

    Questions about treats for trick training?

    I use Positive Reinforcement (treats) and clicker training with all my ponies (Welsh Ponies & Miniature). It is a science based method, and has been proven to reduce stress and create an equine who *wants* to engage with you. Remember though, you have to shape the behaviour you want to see...
  3. R2RStables

    Horse Wanted Looking for another Miniature (Ontario, Canada)

    Hello All! We are casually seeking another Miniature to be a companion for our little guy, "Frodo" (Weanling). Hoping to find something that will mature under 34" and Located in Ontario. (Will consider other parts of Canada, or even states near by). Looking for something that loves attention...
  4. R2RStables

    Our new pregnent mini

    What a beauty! Congrats. I hope all goes well in foaling!! Healthy Momma & foal!
  5. R2RStables

    New Member! Hello!!

    Thank you very much!! 🥰
  6. R2RStables

    New Member! Hello!!

    Thank you! This group is so welcoming!! 🥰 Hello to Apache & Arlee!!
  7. R2RStables

    New Member! Hello!!

    Thank you so much!! 🥰 Yes, he does make our other ponies look huge hehe! We're in Ontario, and actually the Welsh in this photo was originally from Alberta (Alvesta Farms). :D
  8. R2RStables

    New Member! Hello!!

    Thank you so much! 🥰 He is 7 months old, and around 23” tall. We adore him!
  9. R2RStables

    2022 Miniature Colt

    Thank you so much!🥰 We adore him. Oh goodness! He is pretty tiny lol. What a handy chart, I will have to save this.
  10. R2RStables

    New Member! Hello!!

    Thank you! 🥰 You’re right about that.. I am already looking into purchasing another lol!
  11. R2RStables

    New Member! Hello!!

    Thank you so much! 🥰
  12. R2RStables

    New Member! Hello!!

    Hello everyone! I am a long time Welsh Pony Owner. I've owned Welsh since 2004 and started breeding & Training Welsh in 2011. We currently have 6 Welsh Ponies & Part-breds. I have been admiring the Miniature Horse for years, and finally this winter my Husband surprised me with my own little...
  13. R2RStables

    2022 Miniature Colt

    Registration pending - "SavageMoor Lovin an Iced Cappuccino" 2022 Colt. Buckskin Pinto. By Wa-Full Unique Warrior and out of Fields of blessings SOS Lovin a Latte. Currently measuring about 23" at 7 months old! Any guess on how tall he'll finish? :) (Attached Current Photo of him)