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  1. Gayze

    Magic Marker 2019

    Beautiful babies. Congrats!
  2. Gayze

    Expecting a foal.

    I'm so very sorry to hear of the loss of your foal. To wait nearly a year for a new arrival, only to have to say good bye before you even get to say hello, is heartbreaking. I wish you comfort in the connection you have with your mare and other animals, and peace in the thought that your little...
  3. Gayze

    Racoon problem

    You're most welcome. Every state has its own laws, and I'm glad you were able to find yours easily.
  4. Gayze

    Racoon problem

    Please be aware that trapping and relocating wildlife is illegal in most states in the US(*). I don't know about other countries, but before you take this upon yourself, please check the laws that apply to your location. It might also be unwise to advertise on social media and public forums...
  5. Gayze

    Racoon problem

    I am on and off the forum, and just now caught wind of the raccoon thread. In addition to having my minis and other critters, I am also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. I have been trying my best to educate the public about wild animals, racooons especially, for many years. I am also a...
  6. Gayze

    Something caught in esophagus

    Oh, man. How absolutely awful. I'm so very sorry.
  7. Gayze

    Pregnant Rescue Mare????

    So exciting! She's beautiful, congratulations! Good job mamma!
  8. Gayze

    Exciting news

    Wow, you have a wonderful talent. It's truly lovely! Congratulations!
  9. Gayze

    RIP Maggie

    Sending out thoughts for comfort and peace to both Shari and TXMissy. May gentle memories ease your pain.
  10. Gayze

    New broodmare

    She's lovely. What a pretty face.
  11. Gayze

    Hello from North Dakota!

    Looks like you're even farther upstate than me, if "AdkMtn" means what I think it does. ::smile::
  12. Gayze

    Not eating or drinking

    Oh, my. I am so, so sorry for your loss, and your "neighbor" as well. How very sad and frightening. I hope some answer can be found, so that this heartbreak can be avoided by others. My warmest thoughts....
  13. Gayze

    Hello from North Dakota!

    My own mini app, her black-silver "big little sister," and I send hellos from New York! --Gayle, Kestrel & Star
  14. Gayze

    Why I have been missing for the past 5 years

    I've also been neglectful about posting, though do pop in and read posts on occasion. I'm so very sorry to hear of all your struggles. I will hold to the hopes that, from here on out, life goes more smoothly for you and each new day brings its own special joy.
  15. Gayze

    My new Appaloosa !!

    Hi, Karin. I've just connected with OBM on Facebook, too, and we've been sharing pictures and chatting. I've got one pic of Diablo from Kelly, though it shows his beautiful spots, it's a bit dark and hard to see his face. If you have others, I'd love to see them. :-) There are other pictures of...
  16. Gayze

    My new Appaloosa !!

    I'm sorry that I'm re-opening an old thread, but.... Holy Cow! My Kestrel is your boy's half-sister! They have the same sire. Her registered name is Outback Miniature's Diablo's Patches. Do you have any photos of Diablo, by any chance? She is the little silver-dapple appaloosa on the right in...
  17. Gayze

    Your Bedding Choices

    The straw is working out well so far. And now that snow is blocking the path to the manure pile and making it impossible to get the wheelbarrow back there, I'm glad it's so lightweight. I can carry the muck bucket with no problem. :-)
  18. Gayze

    Your Bedding Choices

    Maryann, thanks for the idea about the rock. The girls now have milk jug toys hanging in their stalls. Kestrel has nosed hers about a bit, Starling isn't interested so far. I'm guessing she'll catch on, though, she tends to let Kes try things out first. Shorthorsemom, the mental image of your...
  19. Gayze

    Your Bedding Choices

    I have one of the big play balls for outside, but after the first day I took it out to play with them, neither girl has shown any interest in it. I thought I might try one of the Jolly Balls with the handle. I'll definitely put the LikIts on their list for Santa, thanks! I might give the milk...
  20. Gayze

    Your Bedding Choices

    Rebecca, how funny, I was looking at the Likits in Agway yesterday when we picked up our four bales of "experiment straw". :-) If I'd seen your post before I went over there, I would have tossed some in the cart to try. The soccer ball is a good idea, too, Jane. I'll give that a try -- I think...