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  1. Fantasia

    Well, I made the decision to geld both stallions

    I applaud you for making this decision and agree - if more would geld, then we could stop the over population out there! I made the decision to stop breeding this season owing to similar problems here in NZ. People were telling me I shouldn't but hey - why breed more just because I can? Good on...
  2. Fantasia

    height restrictions with breeding?

    My 37.75 stallion "helped himself" to my 32.5" mare. Perfectly normal foal who looks to mature at 33". He doesn't throw wide chested, big boned foals and she had nice roomy hips and was from a fine line as well. Height is only one aspect of breeding :-)
  3. Fantasia

    Has anyone used Diatomaceous earth food grade?

    I have done fecal egg counts after using food grade DE and they have come back as zero. It is also pretty much the only way to deworm one of my cats! I found it speeds up the growth of the mane and tail,my cremello has a shine to his white mane and tail that everybody comments on. Have used...
  4. Fantasia

    Gettin 'em into shape

    I made my round pen out of tread in fence standards and hot tape! Works really well. I don't work mine over Winter.
  5. Fantasia

    Watering eyes in cremello

    Thanks guy - I shall order him one today :-)
  6. Fantasia

    Watering eyes in cremello

    Hi - I have recently noticed my cremello's eyes watering constantly. It's clear, no sign of infection. Would he be better off with a face mask on to help protect his eyes? We are having a VERY windy Spring over here! Other horses are little bit watery but not like him!
  7. Fantasia

    Prem foal with legs for miles - normal to be hocky?

    Had a foal born 305 days. Everything fine :-) However, we are in mud mud mud and I wonder if she a bit hocky because of it. She certainly not bad or mega twisted and has legs forever. Just a bit more cow hocked than my babies usually are. Should I look at taking the tips off her toes as to me...
  8. Fantasia

    Square gaiting foal

    Took about three weeks and then she got control of her legs!!!!! Nice trotting action now :-)
  9. Fantasia

    Square gaiting foal

    My week old foal is square gaiting or pacing! Never seen a foal do this before! Does it at walk, at trot, then sometimes trots properly but then usually breaks into canter to chase Mum. I've never seen this before! Has anybody else had this?
  10. Fantasia


    Yes I have have found a ring that only I wear has produced the most accurate results. I use a tail hair from the mare I'm tesing as well.
  11. Fantasia


    LOL - when I re-read that, yes was a bit confusing...... What I meant was that by the popular belief that circle means a filly, my mare gave a line back and forth thereby "bucking the trend". I mentioned in a previous post that it appears that whatever sex is produced on the first foal...
  12. Fantasia


    It's a FILLY!!!!! Third time in row back and forth has produced filly Piper/Fantasia/Filly/No (by tradition, yes by my theory)
  13. Fantasia


    STILL waiting on Piper to foal to see if she holding to theory......two previous pregnancies - two back and forths - two FILLIES . She also tested back and forth for this pregnancy. Anytime now......
  14. Fantasia

    I have depression - NOT Rabies!!!!

    Hi Ashley - am under going therapy and on meds. Ironic thing is now she's gone crying to the neighbour that SHE'S depressed!!!! And I don't think she caught it from me......
  15. Fantasia

    I have depression - NOT Rabies!!!!

    Thanks for those book suggestions and am tracking them down! Feel whole lot better now decision made and I'm on the move again! Pleased to say she's calmed down now and even apologised, thinks she got told by a few people what a horrid person she was being. So all calm on the horizon at...
  16. Fantasia


    Just to put something interestin gout there - I have been keeping records of the nail/ring test for a number of years now. Have made the following observations; 1. The nail/ring direction may change after about the first 90 days - can only presume as that is when sex is set. 2. Sometimes the...
  17. Fantasia

    I have depression - NOT Rabies!!!!

    Thanks guys - I have told her I'm outta here and she burbled something about finishing things on a good note. What? She's the one who snubbed me!!!! Must say I'm feeling better already though! Anyway - shifting well under way and hopefully i can get outta here sooner than the date I've given...
  18. Fantasia

    Who's a grumpy mare then?

    Well I think my girl might be a little sick of me checking her for signs of foaling.....she now running away!!! LOL She ran with stallion so started checking close to first date in early december - problem was she was so fat her fore udder came up and fooled me. She since slimmed a bit. fore...
  19. Fantasia

    sudden aggression :(

    I agree - I have an 11yr old Border Collie who has become grumpier in the last year. She has a sore shoulder so we now tell people to be aware when patting her. They do tend to become less tolerant in their "golden years" so I wouldn't rush to do anything drastic just yet. Trip the vet for a...
  20. Fantasia

    I have depression - NOT Rabies!!!!

    Ok so 2011 was a hard year - and I thought I was through it OK until somebody at work stabbed me in the back which ended in all my files being audited. This sent me over the edge, left work in tears. Went to doctor and have moderate case of depression. Take two weeks off stress leave. Because...