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  1. kaprikorn

    Medical question, need your thoughts

    I thought this, too. But the vet was bent on colic. I am not really sure of him anymore. . .he also is a "cattle" vet. . .but the only one around near him. I am going to drive to another vet I know and get the Ulcergard. My poor friend has spent $500 on his little mini for nothing and this...
  2. kaprikorn

    Ring / Nail Test

    I did the nail test on two of my 3 expecting mares, both showed fillies. One mare has foaled now. . .a filly !!! I am doing the third mare this weekend. I have done this several years before and it was 100% correct. . .how and why. . .who knows. . just one of those strange happenings.
  3. kaprikorn

    Medical question, need your thoughts

    Hi all, I have a friend that has a 9 yo gelding Mini that has started doing something odd.. He will lay down and roll over on his back with his feet in the air and just lie there for several minutes. He may roll from side to side once slowly, but he mainly just lays there. We all thought he...
  4. kaprikorn

    Dixieland Miniature Horse and Pony Shows

    I heard this show is cancelled? Is this correct??
  5. kaprikorn

    Scottie's first foal made a suprise visit 2 weeks early

    Here is Scottie's first foal. . .21" colt out of B Springhills Impressive Showtyme 32" (full sister to B Springhills Impressive Show Gal - World Champion) . He was not due until April 14 but Reba did not read the calender right, When Cherie went to feed in the am, there he was. Reba had no...
  6. kaprikorn

    Some AWESOME stallions ...

    Do I have to send in all new info or may I use the same info I submitted last year?
  7. kaprikorn

    What is your favorite part of a horse?

    The eyes and ears. . .all the personality shows here
  8. kaprikorn

    What is the average cost of a Coggins a health paper in your area?

    $25 Coggins and $20 health cert. . .vet is down the road so I put em on the trailer and saves me $70 farm call.
  9. kaprikorn

    Hope I can post this. . . looking for old Journal

    Madmax. . .I have tried pm you about Journal but for some readon it will not go thru. .email me at [email protected] please
  10. kaprikorn

    Hope I can post this. . . looking for old Journal

    Thanks everyone. . .I found out that the stallion I am interested in won in 1996. . . .so I would need the National issue for that year. The owner does not have any pictures
  11. kaprikorn

    Hope I can post this. . . looking for old Journal

    Hi, Anyone out there have old AMHR Journals 1996-1999 ? I am looking for info on a stallion that won at Nationals in cart one of these years? VF Imma Cheating Outlaw. Thanks, Sheryl
  12. kaprikorn

    2012 Christmas Card Exchange List!

    This has been a fun thing. . .but there are 10 on the list that I have not received anything from? Hope they will come soon Thanks to all that sent them. . .have really enjoyed getting them and reading your notes. Merry Christmas to you all, Sheryl
  13. kaprikorn

    Who have you bred (or not bred) for 2013?

    I am only expecting 3 foals next year. . .by choice. Two are by my stallion Scottie, his first foals and the other from a mare that I bought in foal. Three is enough for me. Century Oaks Blaze of Glory in foal to Scottie (stallion in avatar) for May B Springhills Impressive Show Tyme in...
  14. kaprikorn

    Introducing my new gelding

    Thanks all. . .I am very excited about this boy. He has been with the trainer for three days now and they said he is doing fantastic. Holding the bit well and does not mind the harness parts so far. They are very impressed with his attitude, he is very calm and willing to learn. Very laid...
  15. kaprikorn

    Moving to Maryland

    RHA (Rocking Horse Acres) is in Maryland. Home of some fantastic horses owned by Robert and Pamela Walsh. Also the home of RHA Training with James Walsh. Also I think Reece Family Miniatures is in Marlyland. Both have very nice horses and are great people.
  16. kaprikorn

    Introducing my new gelding

    Thanks all, I am taking him to the trainer today. He has already had some ground training, so will see what class he wants to be after a month or so. I am looking forward to learning to drive. . . looks like so much fun.
  17. kaprikorn

    Introducing my new gelding

    Well, I finally did it. . .I got a gelding. Pick Pockets Cheaters Regal Ransom (HOF), Sire: VF Imma Cheatin Outlaw(HOF) Dam: Rockwood Farm Spirit of Winona. 3 yo sorrel pinto 33.75". He acquired 7 grands/ 86 points in halter during his prior show carrer. Now he is heading for cart...
  18. kaprikorn


    My dealing with a trainer/handler was with James Walsh for 2 years. He called me about every 2 weeks or I called him with monthly updates. He would call me after the show or the next day depending on how busy he was at the show. He does sometimes"lose" his phone ha ha ha . . .but over all he...
  19. kaprikorn

    Mt. Airy Sale

    Silver Meadows Skywalker appaloosa World Champion color and Reserve World Champion halter-weanling (12 years old)-$850. Another National Champ (20 year old loud pinto) - 500 NS son of LTDs Magic Man. Most went for 300-200, I left half way thru. Mare/ foal combo $500.
  20. kaprikorn

    Recomended Trainers?

    I used James Walsh for 2 years. . .reasonable fees, no unexpected charges. . .great with his horses. . .fantastic trainer !! I will go to him again when I get the right horse.