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  1. dreamlandnh

    fingerless gloves

    It might have been from Diana at Crescendo Acres. Not sure if she logs into here much anymore. You can find her line line unde Crescendo Acres.
  2. dreamlandnh

    New Hampshire

    I have lived in NH all my life, LOVE it here! I'm in the southwest part (about 45 minutes from VT and MA). Winters can be cold/snowy. We have more than 2/3 months of no frost during the summer...frost is normally gone late April and returns late Sept/Nov. Can be a few weeks in the summer...
  3. dreamlandnh

    Beach Driving

    Can't wait headed to Hampton Beach on 4/13 to drive along the ocean
  4. dreamlandnh

    Cross ties

    We have used cross ties for our minis, never had a problem. We have ours that are adjustable in one place then in the barn we just have 2 long lead ropes and have them tied with safety knots.
  5. dreamlandnh

    I'm feeling sick - scammers called me(LONG)

    Glad you didn't fall for it. Sadly my grandparents did. Then the scammer tried to call back for more money from them.
  6. dreamlandnh

    No Christmas Bonus

    I have been employeed for 23 years (today is my anniversary with the company) and I have never had a Holiday Bonus with them. The year I started for them they stopped the Holiday Bonus. But they use to give new snow tires each year to make sure we could get to work, new windshield wipers, a...
  7. dreamlandnh

    Best accomplishment of the year

    My biggest accomplishment for 2012 was being able to go with my daughter to the 2012 AMHR Nationals and watch her face as she preparred both of her horses for their classes and to compete. Though they didn't come out with a ribbon she came out with a smile on her face each time and a hug for...
  8. dreamlandnh

    Is your driving limited with the cold weather?

    Living here in New England (New Hampshire) yes the cold weather does play into our driving. With the snow on the roads we do not go out on them as the snowbanks make the roads even narrower. We only drive around in our field, thankfully it is huge and flat. We then look at the conditions of...
  9. dreamlandnh

    Winterized my Website, Total make over!

    I agree, I would think twice about Dancer, wish I could afford to bring her to my place. I have a SOFT heart for grays too!
  10. dreamlandnh

    Safe way to have some winter fun?

    Dloydyne - yup this boy gives his heart/soul to Lizzie and will do anything she asks of him. In the winter she likes to just have fun with her boys and not have them wear the bridle to play if possible. His breastplate isn't even on straight I see in this picture but it was fixed once she got...
  11. dreamlandnh

    Safe way to have some winter fun?

    Granted not the safest but it is fun. As you can see from these pictures Lizzie is a good distant back. I wouldn't hook a big horse up like this, but the mini's seem fine. She does alot of sound proofing before she will get in the sled behind them. I also stand out with her while she is...
  12. dreamlandnh

    Safe way to have some winter fun?

    We have yet to be kicked. We have modified it by adding the breeching on and running the tracers though that to hold them up higher so that they don't step over them (not sure if I have pictures of that but will go look). To help prevent getting kicked (as that is one of our concerns) we...
  13. dreamlandnh

    Safe way to have some winter fun?

    Sleigh runners are ok but as you know the conditions have to be right. This is a picture of Lizzie and Roger a few years ago. We have modified it a bit more and she has a ball in the snow with her boys.
  14. dreamlandnh


    Lizzie and I are hoping to go down Sunday.
  15. dreamlandnh

    Dealing with a dying parent

    Sonya my thoughts/prayers are with you. I'm glad that you and your sister were able to make it there. I haven't lost a parent but I have lost a grandfather that I was very close to. We found out that he had lung cancer and he battled it for about a year. The last night he was home I stayed...
  16. dreamlandnh

    Slow Cooker Recipes

    I really don't know the name of this but it is really good, I have made it once 1 box uncle bens quick cook wild rice-make per directions - I used plain minute rice in crock pot put the rice, and below items Add ½ or more to taste the big Velveeta-I usually cube it up & add to hot rice to...
  17. dreamlandnh

    Hurricane Prep with regards to our horses

    I'm in NH and the rain is now coming down for us. Our horses have been moved not so much due to the storm but we leave for a National 4H event so moved the horses earlier to Surry so that they can be cared for while we are gone. I'm thinking of everyone during this storm!
  18. dreamlandnh

    Driving on the beach

    yeah it is a little cooler over here at this time of year for the beach.