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    Hotels at AMHA Worlds

    I'm starting to look at hotels for the AMHA Worlds show never been before. Can you tell me which one's you stay at & if they are a reasonably priced. Thanks
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    Question about bred, owned and shown class....

    You can only show a horse that the mare is in your name when she is bred & now the foal is in your name not your dads. On the registration papers your name needs to appear twice once as the breeder & once as the owner. If there is more then 1 person named on the registration papers they are the...
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    My mini has little or no frog and hollow hooves in the front!!!!!

    You need to take off at least 1 inch all round the foot. The heels only need to be 1/2 inch tall. The frog should touch the ground as it is the thing that pumps the blood around the foot. Pay the money for this mini to get her feet put back to where they should be & maybe the other one can...
  4. K

    My mini has little or no frog and hollow hooves in the front!!!!!

    I had bought a mini with no frogs & that was because she had sever thrush & it ate away her frogs. All 4 were gone. But they grew back with no problems. Took a long time.
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    Equine Immune Boosters

    What is equistem(paste/injection) & where do you get it from.
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    I just use a house hold nail and the string from a feed bag.
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    Jackie/Kiss This/Filly/NO
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    feeding bran mash

    Bran is very bad for foals. It messes with the calcium/ phosphorous ratio. Plus it has no nutritional value what so ever. If you want to do a mash use their own pellets & put hot water on it.
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    Foals born with leg problems questions?Wow hugh different in her legs at two weeks

    I had a foal born in 2008 & her legs bowed outwards. My vet said she was born premie & her joints & bones didn't have the strength to hold up her weight, so I kept her in the stall for 2 weeks till her legs could hold her weight then turned her out. Well, by the end of the day her legs were...
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    10. Krazy/Kiss This/Filly/Yes
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    Horses attacked by pit bulls (update on page 9)

    Pit bulls are restricted in Ontario Canada. You are no longer able to breed them. You can own one, but must have a muzzle on at all times. Because you can't breed them any more in the future they will be gone.
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    I'm so excited for you. I missed the opportunity to bid on the AMHR sweepstake auction last year. You are so lucky Rita.
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    Canadian All stars is up on the AMHR website

    I'm so proud of my stallion Ten Ls Legacys Kiss This. He is Canada's number 1 AMHR 2 year old stallion 33 & under. Also 3rd Junior Champion & 3rd grand champion just missing both reserves.
  14. K

    My mare had her foal 4 weeks early

    When I read up on lights it said that a mare can stop cycling after they have foaled if they are not under lights. Some do some don't I didn't want to take the chance. She was under lights as of november 2010 & I bred her March last year. I will bred her on her march heat again this year as long...
  15. K

    My mare had her foal 4 weeks early

    The mare's name is Cedar Rail Etched In Steel.
  16. K


    I have Krazy due end of march filly by Michigan's The King I have Jackie due end of April filly by Foxlane's Wild Fire & I have Butter due beginning of June colt by Foxlane's Wild Fire
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    My mare had her foal 4 weeks early

    I have a few, but my husband tells me how stupid they are. I will tell you them & maybe you guy's could help me choose. My farm name is Wetrock miniature farms. My stallions name is Ten Ls Legacys Kiss This. So with that i can up with. 1. Wetrock Kiss This Calendar Girl 2. Wetrock Kiss This...
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    My mare had her foal 4 weeks early

    If I take the last day I bred her & use 340 day calendar. She was 313 day's. I now also have another mare the is due at the end of March getting boobs with 2months left to go, so going to start watching her. This is my new mare so I don't know any of her habits. I also have had both mares under...
  19. K

    My mare had her foal 4 weeks early

    The mare was bred on one heat cycle in March. I mean that because our winter goes on sometime till April/May that most don't breed for a Jan- March foal, so she is probably the first one born in Ont. In 2010 the mare foaled 2.5 weeks early.
  20. K

    My mare had her foal 4 weeks early

    My mare was due feb 22nd to feb 28th, so when she started to get boobs on Jan 7th I know it would be early, but not that early. She is healthy & full of spunk. She was up within 5 mins & running around within the hour. She is a black pinto very nicely marked & is friendly with is nice. She maybe...