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  1. Nancy G

    Does anyone know of a good mini horse sale?

    I believe some of the horses at the Greencastle PA auction are only registered with World Class, Blue Seal etc. They also offer donkeys. The VIP sale (new one) will only accept AMHA and AMHR horses. At least this is what I have heard. We plan to go and check it out. We should wear name...
  2. Nancy G

    Does anyone use Fly Predators?

    We love them and have used them for two years. I will definetly be getting more this "fly" season. Start early & keep up with them. They made a BIG difference for us. I can`t stand the flies and am not crazy about all the fly spray so these are ideal!!!
  3. Nancy G

    Prayers for Joyce

    Joyce Fassett from Beloit Ohio. Her Farm name is Shady Five Miniatures
  4. Nancy G

    Prayers for Joyce

    Joyce is in the hospital. Went to ER last night. I talked to her this AM and she has two blood clots in her lung. She will be in for a few days. I don't know what hospital or anything but I will call her again later today. Guess she was having some severe pain on her side and back...
  5. Nancy G

    Good Family

    Robin Good of Romandaro Miniatures in Pa lost her husband, Roger, Dec 22. There is a viewing today, funeral tomorrow. Please keep Robin and her family in your prayers. Thanks
  6. Nancy G

    Minimal Dwarf ?

    Thank you John for sharing your knowledge on dwarf miniatures & your commitment to find the answers.. It would be wonderful to have a test for the dwarf gene. Question ~ If you have a stallion or mare that produces a minimal dwarf are they likely to produce the typical dwarf with the bad...
  7. Nancy G

    Special contract?

    Hello, does anyone use a special contract for shipping overseas? Would you mind sharing them or do you know of where one could be found? Did you write your own? Thanks for any help.
  8. Nancy G


    WOW Stac, what a horse you have. Wish I had gotten to see him, but then, I wasn`t even at the World show : Who knows, maybe some day? I might have to travel, just to meet "The Prince" : He is a sensational stallion. Congratulations & consider it a huge compliment that others...
  9. Nancy G

    DNA Question update...

    Lucky C ~ Does the lady reside in PA? Just wondering because I know of 4 people that had set up appointments with a lady from Pa. and NO show. Lots (LOTS) of excuses but ~~~ no show, none the less. And the excuses were not the same from one farm to the next! I agree, if people would just...
  10. Nancy G

    How much do you pay for a good teeth floating?

    We paid almost $500 BUT ~~~~ that was for 10 horses!!!!! I cant` imagine why you were charged that much??? Oh my goodness I would have fainted when I saw that bill. :
  11. Nancy G

    Mexico City

    Thanks Tony. I appreciate your help.
  12. Nancy G

    Mexico City

    Thank you, everyone for all the information and web links. Nancy :
  13. Nancy G

    Mexico City

    HI ~ Have you ever sold a horse to Mexico? Just wondering what is involved with this transaction? Thanks.
  14. Nancy G

    Greencastle Info

    We should all wear a name tag LOL I`ve been to many shows and sales and haven`t met half the people that were there. I enjoy meeting the people at shows and auctions. I don`t do well in large crowds though and the fact there is nowhere to sit, I usually stay a few hours and come back home...
  15. Nancy G

    Greencastle Info

    :saludando: Hi, I just received information on Joes sale, He IS limiting the number of horses to UNDER 200 this year and he IS NOT going to accept credit cards. I have been hearing all kinds of rumors about the huge amount of horses this year but guess that`s all it was, rumors!!! Just...
  16. Nancy G

    Greencastle Info

    I heard several weeks ago that there were already over 200 horses consigned and expecting more?? We didn`t go in the spring. It is so crowded and there is no where to sit. Kinda scary, how many people they cram in there!! You would think there would be a law against that?? Then too, it is...
  17. Nancy G

    Reece family auction

    We were there. It was a real nice sale. VERY enjoyable and well run. Everything went smoothly and the horses were well taken care of, by Toni, Peas & staff. The sellers got to relax and enjoy the auction. They even had food and drinks for all. I think that the stallion did bring $25,000...
  18. Nancy G

    Miniature Horse Auction in De. ~ Live on web cam.

    Great ~ I hope to see/meet everyone there. Have fun and don`t buy toooooo many horses Drive Safe!! We are "out the door" right now!! 9AM on Friday. C you.
  19. Nancy G

    Miniature Horse Auction in De. ~ Live on web cam.

    This is my first time to go to this sale. Sounds like a lot of fun. I`ll enjoy meeting other breeders and mini lovers. Sandy, look for me, I have curly grey hair and might be wearing a peach color shirt & blue jeans!! Sorry you can`t make it Kim. It will be great to meet others there and...
  20. Nancy G

    Miniature Horse Auction in De. ~ Live on web cam.

    Here is a link to watch the preview live at noon and the auction live @ 2PM on Saturday. Is anyone from here going to be there? I`d love to meet you. It should be a fun day. : I will be with my daughter and 2 granddaughters, age 10 and 14. We will...