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  1. horselover161

    New mare had a little surprise for us.

    Absolutely darling!!!!
  2. horselover161

    Rain Sheets?

    I currently use the Tough 1 and they fit very well, but the waterproofing doesn't seem to hold up for prolonged periods of rain. Great sheets for keeping clean overnight, but I personally haven't had great luck with them as a long term turnout. I have friends had friends who have used the...
  3. horselover161


    The entire family enjoyed the candy . Thanks again!!!
  4. horselover161


    Thank you so much for the prizes. The kids loved the coloring books & colored pencils!
  5. horselover161


  6. horselover161


    Quasimodo, aka The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Alora, age 9) with the gargoyle "Laverne" (Mr. Koalman). At fair they show to music. They used "People Are Strange" by The Doors.
  7. horselover161


    The Vampire (Keegan, Age 7) and his bat (Mr. Koalman). During costume class at fair they showed off their costume to music and they used "Monster Mash".
  8. horselover161

    Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage

    From what I have seen of the hay pillows, I would think the smallest size would work well. For my fast eater, I did put some large rocks in his hay tub so he had to at least move them around to reach all of the pieces of his hay.
  9. horselover161

    Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage

    I used it when we lived in Virginia and loved it! I didn't have a good place to store large quantities of hay at the time and the feed store where I could purchase bales of hay in small quantities was very inconsistent and often had poor quality. The Triple Crown was always consistent and...
  10. horselover161

    Reactions to Vaccines

    One of mine had the same reaction this year. I am pretty sure it was from the Strangles vaccine. He has had the vaccine for the last 5+ years and has never had a reaction to it before. He was shaking and kept his head down and his rear tucked in. His eyes were dripping discharge all the...
  11. horselover161

    December GAME! Come play!

    26 please
  12. horselover161

    December GAME! Come play!

    10 for today
  13. horselover161

    December GAME! Come play!

    46 please
  14. horselover161


    This is Alora (8) and Koal as Merida and Angus from the Disney movie "Brave". In the movie, her 3 brothers (Hamish, Hubert, & Harris- Alora memorized their names just in case the judge asked) are turned into bears. Angus is dressed in a black velvet cooler with Celtic knots- it is hard to...
  15. horselover161

    Easter Ideas

    When I lived in Virginia, one of the horse rescues had an Easter Egg trail ride for a fundraiser. Though instead of picking up the eggs, you counted them. Whoever had the correct number in the end won. With minis, you could hide them around the farm & have the kids follow a track to count...
  16. horselover161

    Costume Contest Prizes- Thank You!

    Just wanted to thank the sponsors of the Costume Contest. Thank you to Barry & Antoinette Bullock from Laser Innovation, LLC for the custom brush. And thank you to Saleena Hildebrand for the coffee mug (Alora has been enjoying her hot chocolate in it!) Here is a close-up of the brush (...
  17. horselover161


    Thank you! Alora is very excited! We loved the knight costume too!