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    Just a cute picture :)

    Very cute picture!
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    Rooster Painting.

    Beautiful as always!
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    I just don't get it

    I just put an add on for Alpaca and got some strange replies. I'm with Shari everyone seems to want everything for free...ugh.
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    Gaited horse people

    The tree is different and normally the are cut different to allow the horse to move "gait" properly.
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    thought some may like to see the latest quilt top

    Very beautiful Karla!
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    Learning the hard way

    Oh no, how horrible. Thank you for posting as I had no idea this could happen. Hope your heart has started to heal some.
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    New Addition to my family

    Cute, Cute, Cute ! Have fun him !
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    Lost My Best Friend 2 Years Ago Today

    So hard to say good-bye. What a sweet face he had.
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    really cute girls congrats! Nikki
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    Barn Raisin'

    looks good so far ...i bet you can't wait for it to be done , Nikki
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    Meet Betty!

    Shari...LOL...Betty just doesn't seem to fit you're right...I had a cat years ago named Suki ...Nikki
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    Meet Betty!

    Shari she's really pretty...glad you found her , i am sure she's glad too , Nikki
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    people who know everything children running wild and their parents don't seem to notice people who think/act like they are better then others dishonesty fingernail chewing near me [/SIZE]    
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    Here she is

    congrats Bonnie, she looks like she has made herself right at home, Nikki
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    glad to hear Lucy has settled in finally. she is really pretty but with all that black I bet she does look menicing to strangers. great story, glad you shared , Nikki
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    help needed to name palomino filly

    I really like palominos , how about Lily? or Bella?...Nikki
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    WOOHOO..ITs done!

    wow, it's beautiful. who ever did it did a great job , Nikki
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    Strange selling practice

    Shana, you need to find me one of those $300. ponys... ....a gelding around 11 or 12H, broke too...I want to know where you're looking Nikki
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    Oh RabbitsFizz

    yes, I am totaly disappointed too ...Nikki