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    Ohio horses need rescue help

    i left my info. for them to contact us. we are in ohio and are a rescue and work with our county humane officer and near by counties as well and no one has made i'm reading this is a joke???? sad to get everyone worked up and worried over nothing (i hope)
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    Shetland Tack, Where to buy???

    i found a site, suger rock farms .com neat carts!!! hope this helps....
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    Rescued Donkey Pictures

    poor thing, i have one i got in dec. last year. her feet at one point had curled and cut into her hoofs (all 4) she was not a happy girl. after much work and diet (she has a nasty fat roll on her neck) she can now run thru the pasture like she should!!!! she still has a fat roll but not has...
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    Elvis! is back!

    where is this little elvis???? i'm in ohio and have 2 mini geldings and 3 mini donkeys.....lots of friends here.
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    thanks for the link!!!!
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    well since we do not know when or if she is bred, guess i better call the vet. out here and see what he thinks!!! i hope we will have a baby. thanks for the info.
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    thanks for reply i hope she is just full of baby....but twins are nice too. what are the chances of twins??? any thing like a horse??? slim to none???
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    hello,it's me with a question on donks.....i got a jenny this past Dec. and she was soooo fat that she has a fat roll on her neck well since we got her she has lost a lot including some on her neck. question is......i was told she was preg. but they did not know when she is due, so what are...
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    Update on Ringo

    i have just read this and i REALLY hope you can get him out ASAP!!!! why are people soooo mean??? i don't get it.....i will now be checking back here often just to see how it all goes......i wish you the very best...
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    Donkey question???

    hi, i would grab him up....i have a mini jenny (scarlett) she has no tail!!! but i love her just the same.......
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    Welcome spottedrj

    i'm sure they would learn REAL fast!! i got caught oh well, he only shook his head at me and "he makes a mess,your cleaning it up" what could i say???
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    Welcome spottedrj

    I'm sorry to here about charlie. i LOVE your pic's!!!! those are soooo cute!!!! hubby laid the law when i got my 1st mini horse,no mini's allowed in the house. well,when he is at work.......... LOL hey,got to have help with the house work!!!!!
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    Welcome spottedrj

    hello, you have a wolf??? oooooo, i did one many moons ago,i miss him, best friend.
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    Welcome spottedrj

    thanks,lets see if i can do this!!! LOL
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    Why do people do this???

    i know how you feel......i had a man drop off a TB gelding to me(we rescue) because his nieghbor was going to turn him in if he did not feed the horse correctly,horse was found easting DOG FOOD!!!!! he is about 150lbs. under wieght but doing better.
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    Tequila Foaled!!! :)

    ohhhhh soooo cute!!!! lucky you!!!
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    Welcome spottedrj

    oh i forgot to ask,how do you post pic's????
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    Welcome spottedrj

    thanks for the welcome....oh lets see,minis=1 mini gelding-1mini stud those are my mini horses-1 mini donky jack,just a baby at 1-and 2 mini jennys then i have 1QH (31 yrs.old) 1 blind appy-1 mustang mare-2 mules-2 paint mares-and a rescued TB!!!!!! i think thats every one??!!! LOL
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    How many have mini donks and horses?

    hello all, i'm new here. i to have mini donks and mini horses. trying now for mini hinny. i have a small pony hinny (?) stud that was given to me. just big enough for me to ride. glad i found this forum,not to many folks like donks or mules here in ohio,but are growing in numbers
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    race mules are mules you can race like any other horse race.... oh sorry i'm new here. hello everyone!!!! we have mule races here in ohio at our county fair,lots of fun.