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  1. MyboyzaStar


    @Lizze, I tried emailing her with the email on her site, and it came back as a nonworking email address. Do you have one I can use to get in contact with her??
  2. MyboyzaStar


    Lizzie, I am interested! I'm going to email her, but would you mind putting the word out there?? Thanks a ton!
  3. MyboyzaStar


    That isn't too far! Does she have a website or an email? Something I can get ahold of her with. Thanks so much!!!
  4. MyboyzaStar


    Hello! I'm from Arizona, and I am looking to move to Riverside, CA coming up soon. I have my little gelding, Rocky, who I am going to take with me, but I need to find somewhere to keep him! I was looking in to just an average facility, but I decided I wanted him to be with other Miniature Horses...
  5. MyboyzaStar

    Therapy Horse

    Hello everyone! I was wondering how I can go about getting my Miniature therapy certified. I live in Arizona and I can't find anything online that is really helping me! Do any of you guys have therapy horses or know a way to go about getting their certification? Thanks a lot!
  6. MyboyzaStar

    Vender help!

    Thanks so much!
  7. MyboyzaStar

    Vender help!

    At the 2011 AMHR Nationals, there was a vender inside the building that was doing embroidery and stitching and was the only company that was allowed to use the AMHR logo and such. Does ANYONE know the name of that company? It was two ladies that ran it. I have a jacket on order and I just want...
  8. MyboyzaStar

    Pet Names for Your Pets

    Haha Rocky gets called Honey, Rockster, or my favorite, "STOP IT darnIT!" He is always eatting my food that I bring out to the barn, so we also call hima goat. Haha.