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  1. MountainViewMiniatures

    Cross Country Call Me Awesome

    I saw him in "person" (or should I say horse!?) almost 6 years ago when Elaine Jones of Mini Whinnies in PA owned him. And he IS just AWESOME!Unfortunately the black and white mare I bought in foal to him had a premature stillborn - a gorgeous black and white colt. Awesome is the reason I...
  2. MountainViewMiniatures

    Look what I brought home from Nationals!

    Just beautiful - I think that may be one reason I don't trust myself to attend Nationals in person!!!
  3. MountainViewMiniatures

    Pictures of Hannah born this morning

    Just adorable! and I love the name!
  4. MountainViewMiniatures

    Excited To Share DESTINY's Nationals Results

    Hi Jill! Have your feet touched ground yet? I know exactly how you feel! Your boy is just stunning! I was rooting for you in the halter (watched by live feed) and I wish I could have seen his driving class (somehow the feed wouldn't work during some of the classes) I'm going to go to...
  5. MountainViewMiniatures

    Huge CONGRATS to my friend Karen Rudolph Frost Hill Farm

    Congratulations!!!! What a beautiful boy!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. MountainViewMiniatures

    Announcing Our First National Top Ten Stallion

    Congratulations!!! I remember that 1st Top Ten Win - what a rush! I bet you are walking on air!!
  7. MountainViewMiniatures

    THANK YOU to BELINDA!!!!!!!!!

    I just wanted to thank Belinda from the bottom of my heart for putting up with me and bringing my boy, Cross Country Barracuda to a Reserve National Champion in 3 yr old stallions 32-34"!!!!!! Bare is, of course, a boy of her breeding and a son of Redboy himself and I am soooo proud of him amd...
  8. MountainViewMiniatures

    Legal or not? Equine Dentists?

    Hi Marty I believe it varies by state - I know in some states an equine dentist not only doesn't have to be a vet but they don't even need certification or any training can just hang out a shingle so to speak
  9. MountainViewMiniatures

    Reece family Miniature Horse Sale

    Does anyone have the link?
  10. MountainViewMiniatures

    Another colour Question

    He is a buckskin -When you clip a bay or bay based horse, his undercoat will be that shade He is very handsome~ HIs coat will grow back buckskin
  11. MountainViewMiniatures

    pic of new mare

    She is such a cutie! Congratulations! What I usually do is quarantine the horse for 10 possibly 14 days first (I have made one or two exceptions, most notably for my Thera and Miss Kitty since I knew very well where they were coming from) after that I will pasture or paddock the new horse...
  12. MountainViewMiniatures

    Is it normal to have to clip NOW?

    He is such a cutie!!
  13. MountainViewMiniatures

    Feed recommendations for brood mares & foals?

    Thanks Jill - I'm off to the feed store now since I need to pick up shavings for stall cleaning tonight anyways(and this awful storm is over and my shih tzus are no longer scrambling for lap space!) I like that about the softer pellets because I would soak my pellet grain right in with the beet...
  14. MountainViewMiniatures

    Feed recommendations for brood mares & foals?

    The hay really has been a poor quality this year- Jill, I do love the idea of the senior feed - currently I make a mixture of soaked beet pulp & alfalfa cube, corn oil, hay stretcher and a pellet grain-everyone gets this but in different amounts. The complete senior feed because it has more...
  15. MountainViewMiniatures

    I've got a secret - MHR

    Why do't you name her for one of the pink ladies in "Grease"? My favorite would be Rizzo but there was Jan, Marty and Frenchy She is such a beauty! Congrats! One of my dreams for someday too
  16. MountainViewMiniatures

    They say it comes it threes...

    I am so sorry for the loss od your beautiful mare. Her colt should be fine as long as he keeps eating.drinking just keep a close eye on him ( as I sure you would anyways)
  17. MountainViewMiniatures


    Loved the GE but last month purchased a pair of Lopez (I think would have to check with husband) and they are as good as the GE (probably because he worked for GE )and much cheaper.