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    I was asked to correct this.Randy Hart is in the hospital in SC not GA..As of today he is doing alot better but still in ICU.
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    hair extensions

    Jean I am not slamming no one. What I am saying she the trainer that had should of known what to do. I bet this is not the first time she or you have heard this
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    hair extensions

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    hair extensions

    contact josh tibbs in SD he sells it. I will look and get his info and send it to you
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    hair extensions

    might want to try rose oil it is working on a stallion of mine that the last trainer or so called trainer had that about cut it all off doing his v before I got him in sept
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    Papaya Enzyme chewables

    you can get them from Walmart... I give all mine 3 tabs each all but my filly and she gets 2.. and that is 2x a day
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    CMHR $3 Mission: Ozark Dec. Donation PG. 29

    I am thankful for my family If it was not for my husband and my child I dont k where I would be at today
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    Looking ahead to 2012...shows!

    we will have a few next year out.. TDP Big Als Born 2 Boogie Winning Streaks Mister Hottie Ketterman"S LPN Rowdy's Pushin Tyme Winning Streaks Magic Allure Ravenwood Velvets Buckeroo Debonair all in halter and 1 in driving
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    Anybody wanna take a guess when I will "foal"?

    I feel for you Ashley... Dont you just love mother in laws...
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    AMHR Height on papers vrs height at show

    you can show in the under divison with your horse..
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    Trying to gauge interest in a new AMHA show

    Hey why not put an Amhr show on too? Would think alot more people would could come to it Diane
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    what injurys have yous had from horse

    broken foot for me.. still have some problems with it as I waited almost a week to go to the doctor.. other then that not a thing Diane
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    Feed Manufacturers

    Becky I cant answer you question either But I will have to say I love their oats too and my horse do too
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    Just a Little upset

    Reo I have to agree with you on this,, As I can say these people always have nice horses.
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    World Class Miniature Horse Registry ... Anyone familiar?

    I would NOT spend my Money with them.. IF you ever sell all you are going to get is a grade price on you horse because of it's papers.. Ask your self is that what you want. They are not worth it nor would I spend the money. Just my thoughts on this Diane
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    how many kids do you have

    me and my Husband has 1 child together
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    Deciding on a Trainer

    Sent you a message
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    planking a Mini

    yes this is very sad.. But the bad thing is they might not win in court due to not having proof that they plank this horse. all they have are pictures of them in the pastures with the horses.. I bet that is why they was not charged with it anyways.. Me for one you better not come in my lots...
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    Rescue Stories...Share Yours

    You all are doing such a great job.. We have taken in so many cats. some have shown up at the barn and that is where they stay. Those cats are the best at getting rid on the mice and snakes.. We have one that was born to one of those wild cats and she is an in side cat as she took to my husband...
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    Traveling to Nationals was too stressful

    wanted to bump this up.. Has anyone heard anything on how he is doing