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    What are the best outdoor flowers for shade?

    80% shade is a tough area to plant up! : Here are some of my favourites. For earlier colour try Bergenia, Primula, Epimedium and Pulmonaria. For later colour throughout the season try Ligularia's, Kirengeshoma, Aruncus, Chelone, Cimicifuga, Heuchera, Ferns and of course, Hosta. Be very...
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    cant stand it any longer,

    Dove is so lucky to have owners like you. Great news that she has pulled through and well on her way. She is so cute! :
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    Prayers needed.. Mare colicing

    Lots of prayers for a full and speedy recovery.
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    So very sad...Pete passed away

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Pete was buried on Tuesday evening in an area along our forest edge. I miss him so much, he sure was a character. Thanks again everyone.
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    Silver they show well?

    Silver Dapples and/or Flea Bitten in colour are my absolute favourites! :aktion033: One day, I hope that I will be blessed with a matched team of Flea Bitten geldings. I have to agree that seeing a well matched pair of either colour mentioned above, under harness, brings tears of joy and envy...
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    Loss of mother

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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    So very sad...Pete passed away

    :no: Our family is very saddened by the loss of our gelding. We were blessed with his presence in our barn for a very short time but loved him dearly. The pain of loosing him at such a young age is very difficult to deal with and I now know what anyone who has lost a battle with illness is...
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    Temp. rises to 104

    Yes, the vet listened to his chest but found nothing because he said nothing about pneumonia. The horse has been treated twice by the vet when the temp. went up to 104 on two different days. Antibiotics were also administered on the first day. On the third day I believe he also gave him an...
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    Prayers needed in Berryville

    Sending prayers for your mare. Poop and pee prayers too. Hope she's feeling better real soon.
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    Temp. rises to 104

    Thanks Virginia. Never thought of pneumonia. How would he check for it? Actually the vet did mention that he thought it might be respiratory, listened to his chest and then mentioned that it would be normal for the horse's breathing to be strained a little due to the fever. He said it is how...
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    So sorry for the loss of your foal. Very sad. Wishing for a speedy and full healthy recovery for your mare. Take care.
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    Temp. rises to 104

    Has anyone had this happen and what might be the cause? Since Thursday, my 3 yr old gelding has had temperature fluctuations from normal to 104. The vet has been out to treat him for fever twice however, there are no other symptons. He is eating but very little. He is drinking water, taking...
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    Who won Dancing with the Stars?

    Yes, Drew won! :aktion033: I really thought Stacey was a great dancer and had a lovely personality. Terribly disappointed when she was voted off before Jerry. :no: That was really unfair. Ohh well...great fun watching the dancers and look forward to the next episode.
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    Horse not drinking, could use some suggestions

    My vet suggested I feed them a warm, soupy bran mash drizzled with molasses. Beet pulp (soaked) is greatl however, my horses hate it. The bran mash is always enjoyed and this would ensure some water intake and warms their bellies on a very cold night. :
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    Fancy has gone to be with her fillies

    I'm so sorry for your loss Lynn.
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    Please Help...

    :aktion033: :aktion033: :aktion033: I'm very, very happy and relieved to report that my mare is doing well thus far! I'm hoping she will not founder. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THAT RESPONDED. I was frightfully worried and feeling extremely guilty about all this. Your words of encouragement...
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    Please Help...

    Temperature is very, very slightly over 100. This is good, right? After pulling the thermometer out...The sound of music! That's right....gas and it did shtink! Listened to her belly sounds from top, both sides-front and back and it's grumbling like a banchie. Had the incorrect measuring...
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    Please Help...

    Thanks Kay. I'm going out right now to take her temperature. No, I didn't exhaust her but boy I'm a little tired. It was just an easy walk, occassionally stopping and stooping. Should I give her some mineral oil and how much? I know it's not the same thing as getting tubed but would it...
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    Please Help... I call the Vet back and tell him what to do? I'm not being rude or disrespectful here I just want to know if I should. This oil you speak of....what is it? Should I just give her mineral oil and how much? Since noon today....the beautiful sound of a toot and the wonderful aroma of...
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    Please Help...

    Thanks Marty. Yes, I've been walking her around and am now going back out to put her in the dog pen just outside my back door where I can watch her very easily. Came in to shower and check emails again. I'm so, so scared. Stupid, stupid, stupid me. Should I give her ANY HAY? I'll make...