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  1. TuffyLynn

    need opinions or direction.. please look

    Hi everyone...will be calling my vet tomorrow... but I have a Pinto mare(actually 2) ..she was diagnosed with Lyme disease... first treatment with doxycycline ...then treatment with poor girl was just in so much pain..all her joints..and started to show signs of...
  2. TuffyLynn

    Deworming pregnant mares

    I also use ivermectin and worm within 12 hrs of foaling.. question..i have banamine much to give my mare? She is 33.75 inches and a fairly good sized mare...any suggestions
  3. TuffyLynn

    Greetings from Massachusetts!

    Welcome to the forums..from Central Massachusetts. great group of people here..enjoy!!
  4. TuffyLynn

    Prayers need please My mare finally foaled

    yaaaay ....... how great for you melissa..... how adorable momma feeling okay ...prayers answered!!
  5. TuffyLynn

    need to find a speculum

    sorry... an oral one.. thank you
  6. TuffyLynn

    need to find a speculum

    good day can anyone tell me where i can purchase a speculum to have here for my minis many thanks for your time
  7. TuffyLynn

    Buzz's first show yesterday

    Hey CONGRATUATIONS! you must be so excited and proud!!
  8. TuffyLynn

    Has anyone seen the recent pictures of Einstein?

    there is a video from the 19th on good morning america...............
  9. TuffyLynn

    Banamine after foaling

    still.. explain to me why you give the inject. orally instead of a paste. also how much mares are 33.75 inches also i know the past expires but can you give it if it is "just out" of expiration
  10. TuffyLynn

    "Max" (5/29/2009-2/11/2011)

    What a lovely thing for you to do <3 Mary and Gary are some of the nicest caring people out there ! My heart is so heavy for them..continued prayers
  11. TuffyLynn

    Club hooves on yearling

    I have to say that the exact same thing was observed by me on my 15 month old colt!! Its like he just grew out so weird in like one 7 week period...and yes it makes him look club footed! he is only about 29.5 inches. I mentioned to my friend that had a 16 month old colt and she told me the same...
  12. TuffyLynn

    How many foals are you expecting for 2011?

    We are expecting 2 foals from my Boone's Little Buckeroo/ Komokos Little King Supreme grandson...out of my sorrel and white and black and white mares. Looking forward to it<3
  13. TuffyLynn

    I can die happy now!

    yes my question too...did you read him since you got to see and touch him bonnie?
  14. TuffyLynn

    My only foal this year ! !

    no mary.... and i so was planning on Oneco!! will have to plan next one!
  15. TuffyLynn

    My only foal this year ! !

    I was very excited for friday as my new black and white homozygous mare Misha was being delivered today...(pics to follow) HOWEVER.. as i hurried out at 645am to feed and start my day ....the barn seemed too quiet...I walk in to find a wonderful sorrel and white pinto filly out of my mare...
  16. TuffyLynn

    Clip Art

    Hi everyone...,Do any of you have any "clip art" for minis...I am having my Granite and stone wall engraved with our name and want to put a mini of some sort on it. the gentleman has a horsehead .. but it is not my preference...any idea where to look so i may share a pic with him before he...
  17. TuffyLynn

    Had a new foal

  18. TuffyLynn

    Trusting others, it was the right person

    praying all will be ok for you.
  19. TuffyLynn

    Danger to minis

    any update?