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  1. triiger5

    welsh mare is she pregnant?

    we never found out if she was registered or anything else about her other than she spent most of her life doing pony club. we have now sold her to a little boy up north who is 3yrs old and loves her to bits, she couldnt keep up with the task of pony club anymore so now she is retired as his...
  2. triiger5

    what breed is she - got new pony for daughter to ride

    We have broken her to harness so we can exercise her as Mikayla doesn't ride her enough to keep her fit. We have just bought a Section a welsh gelding for her to move onto as she had a big growth spurt last year her legs reach down to the bottom of nuggets belly but she still rides nugget...
  3. triiger5

    welsh mare is she pregnant?

    she was in foal and lost it about 8 months along.
  4. triiger5

    what breed is she - got new pony for daughter to ride

    She turned out to be well rounded lol. I found out she was escaping more than i thought as the other graziers were putting her back behind the tape when they fed there horses. I got her a small pony halter and had to add a few extra holes to make it fit but also have a pony foal halter that...
  5. triiger5

    CMM *Melody foaled a palomino pinto colt on 3/12/14*

    she looks lovely. salt and pepper for as reg name and maybe pepper for paddock name
  6. triiger5

    Need help with Barn Name

    i had a horse i looked after this colour i thought it was chocolate palomino but was liver chestnut flaxen mane and was called kahlua. i wa also goin to sugest cocoa
  7. triiger5

    It's already been 5 months!

    very cute and looking good
  8. triiger5

    Problems breeding with a stallion

    how about sum lube on her to help when you guide him to slip in with out to much handling
  9. triiger5

    Best mare auntie ever!

    good to know you have a surogate mum when you need one cute pic
  10. triiger5

    Information on 3 yr. old - Help

    im not sure if you have the same sort of preschools over there as we do in new zealand. i attend a playcentre which is run by the parents but we get funding from the ministry of education. we have some kids that dont know how to interact with others but because its run by the parents they soon...
  11. triiger5

    welsh mare is she pregnant?

    im not sure if shes had a foal before as ive only had her 2 years and dont know much about her past here are some pics of her now 7 months just if preg
  12. triiger5

    Name help - colt and filly

    otm riding shotgun otm silver buckshot otm my hot shot otm renegade shotgun otm i shot the pot otm i shot the sherif
  13. triiger5

    Hauling minis in full size trailer

    I take my mini in a full sized trailer i just tie her to a loop of bale twine which is tied to the big horse tie so it hangs lower and a bale of hay under the divider stops her going under if you dont want them to eat the hay just put a horse cover over it
  14. triiger5

    Name suggestions for a red filly please

    royal copper royal garnet royal merlot
  15. triiger5

    2012 Nail Test

    ive tried the nail test after reading about it on here. spice the mare i bred said shes having a filly both times ive tried and evenwhen the wind started up it couldnt change the direction of the nail nugget our new pony i vrought for my daughter to ride has started getting wider so tried it...
  16. triiger5

    Need help naming my colt...

    mima oaks flyn moon critter. he's very cute
  17. triiger5

    what breed is she - got new pony for daughter to ride

    here are some pics of nugget 1 may 2012 she is starting to get her winter fluff does she look preg or fat
  18. triiger5

    welsh mare is she pregnant?

    we are in new zealand. and our closest horse vet is an hour away. and im happy to wait and see what happens but was just curiouse as this is will the first mare that ive bred to foal if she is in foal. as the last 2 ive tried to breed have not carried to full term 1 was due to person not...
  19. triiger5

    welsh mare is she pregnant?

    my daughters 13.3hh welsh mare was bred in late october so she will be if preg 6 months. does she look preg? this was her at 4.5 months this was spice before she went to the stallion
  20. triiger5

    Have some sunglasses handy?

    how about silver willow