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  1. valshingle

    Placenta Eating

    Marty - you were right! The next day as I was cleaning the stall, I found the placenta buried by the stall wall beneath a lot of bedding. That's a relief! Mom and filly are doing well Thank you everyone for your replies and the information shared. I'm always learning more
  2. valshingle

    Placenta Eating

    This year had a maiden mare start to eat the placenta, but I was able to remove it without distressing her too much. She was very protective about her baby, and I wanted to be careful to not interfere too much. So I think it can be a strong instinct in some mares. Maybe it's just my year for...
  3. valshingle

    Placenta Eating

    Yes, I am watching her for any signs of a retained placenta.
  4. valshingle

    Placenta Eating

    One of my experienced mares foaled early this morning. When I found momma and baby, the filly was still damp and just beginning to nurse. There was no sign of the placenta in the stall and the mare appeared comfortable and happy. I checked mom and filly 2 hours later, and still no placenta. Mom...
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  8. valshingle

    AMHA new Halter Stock Horse Division!

    While I'm not against these classes per se, with the current financial status of AMHA I don't see how we can afford to add 11 classes. I thought there was a moratorium on adding classes at the World Show? I also heard that in these classes, the horses will show with shortened/pulled manes and...
  9. valshingle

    Shaking her head????

    I would have a vet check her ears. Could be mites, a tick, or infection.
  10. valshingle

    Is AMHA located in Texas?

    The office was closed today due to the severe ice in this area.
  11. valshingle

    Judge accused me of drawing dorsal stripe

    I'm sorry this happened to you. However, it is refreshing to hear of a judge who will not reward what he thought was a rule violation. Unfortunately for you, he was wrong in this case. I wonder if judges are allowed to touch a horse to see if paint has been applied?
  12. valshingle

    What is the reason for mares aborting??

    There are many reasons a mare aborts. I recommend that you schedule an appointment with your vet. Infection, toxic plants, etc are common causes. If it happens again, take the fetus immediately to the vet for testing.
  13. valshingle

    Looking for quarantine facilities

    Look up Reata on Hwy 51, just north of Granbury, Tx. It's a vet clinic that also does quarantine. It has a terrific reputation!
  14. valshingle

    AMHR Performance Show

    Sorry, not me. I just go to the Spooker. But maybe some closer might want to go.
  15. valshingle

    Tell me ALL about the National Show!

    Definitely stay for the driving classes held in the evening! The roadster and chariot classes are especially fun
  16. valshingle

    First time to Nationals--- Where to stay or where NOT to stay

    I'm with Jan. You can't beat the convenience of the on site hotel. Especially when my driving classes end after midnight!
  17. valshingle

    Purina Strategy Healthy Edge?

    Mine love it!
  18. valshingle

    Arena Lights

    Jan, check with Beth Dales. She's on FB and I think she just installed lights for her arena.
  19. valshingle

    Need advise with a aggressive dangerous 14 mo colt

    I would immediately put him with your gelding. I hope gelding him helps. It should, but it takes about 60 days for the hormones to be completely gone. Try not to be afraid when you deal with this colt as he will sense that. He needs to consider you the boss, and have a healthy respect for you. I...
  20. valshingle

    VHS to DVD ??

    See if a local store can do it. We have a multimedia store that can do that. Check with photographers and videographers as well. Good luck!