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  1. lcwallis

    Miniature Horse and Donkey Auction

    There are no auctions anymore that I know of, Just curious if there is enough interest to have one.
  2. lcwallis

    Video from AMHR Nationals?

    I ordered a video to be emailed to me at AMHR Nationals and I still have not received it. I paid for it and it was on my credit card statement. Anyone else having a problem like this or am I the lucky one? L:)
  3. lcwallis

    Time to Think About Disaster Preparedness!

    With severe weather season right around the corner for many of us it's time to make a plan and be prepared for something that will hopefully never happen! Check out my Tornado link to see some of our suggestions: Here are the most important ones: *...
  4. lcwallis

    How Do You Store Your Blankets, Sheets, Sweats...?

    We are still working on our new barn. I'm trying to figure out where and how I want to store our blankets, Sheets, Sweats etc.. Do you have pictures of your barn storage area? Thanks Lynda
  5. lcwallis

    Big Favor I'm Asking from Horse Community

    only two ..... Thanks for sending your information.
  6. lcwallis

    Big Favor I'm Asking from Horse Community

    I would like five years worth of data so 2008-2012... I realize this might be hard to gather this information... Anything would be appreciated. We keep all our records in a box so they are all together, before we started keeping them all together, well that could have taken some time to...
  7. lcwallis

    Big Favor I'm Asking from Horse Community

    Yes Debby! I would love for you to link the information and Pin the topic just for a week or so please.. Thank you so much.. I'm pretty excited about this..
  8. lcwallis

    Big Favor I'm Asking from Horse Community

    I need to ask a big favor from those of you that breed, sell, train.... horses. I'll try to make this as short as I can.... As many of you know we were struck by disaster back in 2011. I filled out loads of applications and other paperwork to apply for assistance in building our farm back...
  9. lcwallis

    Very touching story

    That was so awesome!!
  10. lcwallis

    Kids Showing - Hat Question :)

    A friend of mine asked if her son needed to wear a hat to show his mini in halter or color. I told her no, some do and some don't. Then she asked what color do they wear in summer, black or light color? Um....... I have no clue! Does anyone know if it matters? My son never wore a hat in...
  11. lcwallis

    Natural Disasters - PLEASE KNOW YOUR INSURANCE!!

    It's just so sad to see all these people that have lost so much and it's not covered. We helped a guy that had his farm destroyed, lost three out of six horses and his house was insured but every barn on the place and fence destroyed only 10% of house insurance is what he had. He will have...
  12. lcwallis

    Natural Disasters - PLEASE KNOW YOUR INSURANCE!!

    Please talk to your insurance companies and find out what is covered on your home and/or farm policy. As much as I hate to admit it, we only had house insurance that only covers 10% on out buildings. Most people I talk to that have been hit by a natural disaster have the same! Just be aware...
  13. lcwallis

    Anyone Hit in Oklahoma? Check in...

    We are ok and have room if anyone needs us to take in some horses for those affected by the tornadoes
  14. lcwallis

    2 Month Old Colt Acts Like Stallion! Have you Had One?

    Hi, I have a two month old stallion, I've had stallion colts before but nothing like this guy! My typical colt smack their mouth when introduced to new horses, other mares and foals.... This guy is agressive, he pins his ears and walks in a circle around the mare like I've seen stallions do...
  15. lcwallis

    Be Prepared for Disaster!

    Picture of the horses looking out their doors of the new barn! They like being able to look out and see what we are doing.
  16. lcwallis

    Anyone Use Stall Skins? What do You Think?

    I'm considering using stall skins for the stalls in the new barn. Anyone use them, if so, what did you think of them?
  17. lcwallis

    Why do Coats Change Color from Winter to Summer?

    Someone asked me why my solid black mini was grey when I clipped her? ......... I don't know Why do they change color? The ones that really get me are the silver dapple bay.. silver dapple in spring, interesting chestnut color in summer.. Is there a scientific explanation?
  18. lcwallis

    Milk test strip question

    OK, I have a question... never used the milk test strip before... do you have to just put the tip in or get all of the little squares in the liquid?
  19. lcwallis

    Be Prepared for Disaster!

    Yea! I'm so glad you are prepared.. Chances are it probably won't happen, but that's what we thought ;) Take care and be aware!